The Poxers Clean Up

Last night, the Purple Poxers got together for an extra session to finish up a bunch of class quests. It was a lot more running around than we usually do (as most of our shenanigans take place in instances), but it was good, relaxing fun.

First, we met in the Crossroads (which was, naturally, under attack).

Our first task was to get a water sample from Dreadmist Peak for my druid “cure poisons” quest. Given that this was a level 16 quest, and we were all level 20 and 21, it was a quick run up the hill, down the hill, and back to the crossroads to turn it in.

After that, I needed to collect some earthroot (already gathered by Sal — yay!) and some kodo horns. We hunted around the oases. Kodo!

Thanks to the fact that all the kodo did indeed have horns, we finished this quickly, and the dude in the Crossroads made a salve for me to apply to the wandering sickly deer around the Barrens. I cured ten of them, making each as happy as this little guy. Look at him frolic!

We proceeded to the Sludge Fen, where I picked up half of the pendant I needed for my sea lion form. Between the clueless Tauren who aggroed the entire Venture Company (not me, I swear), the bugged elite slime, and my troubles finding the lockbox in the murky water, I didn’t manage any screenshots.

Next up: Stonetalon for Wara’s succubus quest line. While we were in the neighborhood, we decided to grab the flight path at Sun Rock Retreat. It struck us as we were flying out that we likely wouldn’t spend much time in Stonetalon at all, given that there are no instances or instance quests there. That’s okay by me. It’s not one of my favorite places, but I do like the tall trees.

We flew to Camp T and worked our way north through the quillboars so Wara could talk with his quest connection. After, we all hearthed back to Orgrimmar for the taming of the succubus. Group hearth!

Finally finished in Kalimdor, we snagged a zeppelin ride to the Undercity.

But before heading into the UC, we took ourselves down to the Silvermoon City (where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, as Sal reminded us). Hee hee…

We marched our way through Eversong toward Sunstrider Isle for Harisan’s second trial as a paladin. She passed with flying colors, and evidently I passed, too. (I didn’t even study!)

Next stop: the lands of the Forsaken for Sal’s mage quests and the other half of my sea lion pendant. I missed a lot of the Ghostbusters action in the Apothecarium because as we were porting out of Silvermoon, someone asked me for directions to Thunder Bluff which is … well, quite a long way away. I started to explain and the person said, “I’ll follow.” Uh, no, I’m not going there now. (Also, do you think they were asking me because I’m a Tauren?)

As the team left the Undercity and ran across the spooky roads of Tirisfal Glades, I started to get a Scooby Doo vibe. Take a look — are you getting it, too?

We picked up the second half of my pendant, a process that is way less scary when you have a warlock that can impart underwater breathing on everyone. (Hm… where are those bubbles coming from, Wara?)

While we were out in the water, Sal got attacked by an elite shark and managed to blink away. Daxe sounded pretty excited about the shark, and lingered in the water for a bit. I thought he was looking for it, but it turned out he was lagging. Good thing it didn’t find him.

Next, we had to kill a bunch of Dalaran mages for Sal’s quest. As we headed toward Ambermill, we came across this fallen tree, and folks started trying to jump up on it to cross it. I just stood there watching, not sure that it could be done (or if I could do it anyway), and sure enough, folks jumped up and ran right across…

…except me. I managed to jump up on it once but then fell off and gave up, thinking running around to meet them would be faster. After a minute of running back and forth in the ravine trying to find a way up, the team decided to take advantage of Wara’s summoning skillz to retrieve me. Hehehe… and there I was thinking I should log in later and practice running across things. Screw that! We have a warlock. šŸ™‚

We shook down the mages for the gems Sal needed, and having completed all our tasks, we ran to the Sepulchre to pick up the quests for Shadowfang Keep before calling it a night. Here’s one final group photo.

Thursday night, the gang will venture into the haunted dungeon SFK to find out if Archmage Arugal is really that cranky hermit, Old Man Hadrec, in a mask. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, more purple team recaps:

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  1. We also performed our monthly community service by killing not one, but TWO Sons of Arugal so the lowbies could breath a little easier.

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha….ah ha ha ha….ahhhhhhhhh


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