Running of the Bulls!

Mark your calendars now for the upcoming BRK/Ratshag event: The Running of the Bulls. It will be May 3 (not exactly Cinco de Mayo) at 7pm EST on the Cenarion Circle server. Go now and reserve your clever cow name. As with the Gnaked Gnome Race, I’ll post my toon name here ahead of time in case anyone wants to meet up, chat beforehand, and try to run together.

/moo !

(P.S. I still think this is a good idea, too) 🙂


One response

  1. Hey, I mentioned this some Poxers already, but I have a 70 on Cenarion Circle, so I’m totally willing to front a little g and get us a guild tag and a bunch of tabards, provided that’s within the rules. Fikkle is the 70, and Bullpwny is going to be my Deadcowthlete.

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