I Can Haz Mutton Chop

To be honest, I was hoping that we’d get through SFK just once last night with time for a partial second run during our three hour play session. I really underestimated our firepower. The Purple Poxer team fully cleared SFK three times. We hit Arugal each hour on the hour. So. Awesome.

/charge !!!


We kicked their hineys on the stairs…

… in the courtyard …

… in the kitchen, with Professor Plum, with the rope …

And that guy gave Wara his very first blue item! Poor Wara has had crappy luck with the random rolls. He was the only one that rolled, but I think it still counts. 🙂


Just after this, in comparing the loot we’d gotten, we noted Sal had gotten perhaps the phattest piece of lewt: a mutton chop. The jokes about this rolled throughout the session, how it was a unique BoP, hunter weapon, hee hee… we said we hoped another would drop later so one of us could get it. Sal said he wanted two, one for each cheek. (If he could sculpt them well enough, perhaps he could compete with this guy.) But, you know… unique. BoP. *snort*

Pew pew pew!


Baron Silverlaine held out on us and didn’t drop anything interesting. Like maybe some green shoes, some cloth, and some cheese. Loser. I was really hoping Odo would drop his Ley Staff, and he did, all three times! The punchline was that Daxe preferred the Living Root he already had, so the staff was sharded all three times. That’s good for the team, too, of course.

And Fenrus…


… dropped his hide for us each time. Harisan and I each wear it now, and the third provided Daxe with another shard.

We quickly moved on to the Wolfmaster.


And then Archmage Arugal. Bwahaha…


And lookie there! Wara really won the roll that time. 🙂

We went out, reset the instance, lathered, rinsed, and repeated a second and a third time. At one point, Daxe said it seemed the mobs were hitting like kittens, and were perhaps worthy of lolcat treatment. Hee…

In the second and third runs, we continued to make a mockery of Arugal and his minions.

Zap! Swipe! Pow!
Sock! Burn!! Consecraaaate!!!

We pretty much owned the place. We came away with all kinds of lootz (two belts of Arugal, some nice shoulders for the clothies, not to mention the mutton chops), and … three times? I can’t believe we ran the whole thing so efficiently that we were able to clear it three times.

And success inside the instance aside, this is a wonderful group of people. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to play with them. Pox nights are my favorite. ❤

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