A few more weekend notes…

The surprise Kara run was the start of a really fun weekend of WoWness. Saturday morning, some guildmates and I attempted heroic Steamvaults, but were unsuccessful thanks to the wonky reset timer on the instance. We kept getting messages that the instance was resetting in 30 minutes. Then 5 minutes. Then 8 hours and 25 minutes. We were also having some trouble with one of the bosses (every time we wiped and came in, it gave us a new random amount of time left before reset), and of course just when we got a handle on the fight, the instance reset and we were all hearthed back to Shattrath. Doh! So, we gave up.

Some folks had to leave, but my hunter friend and I still felt like running an instance. There were no tanks on, so instead she recruited two more hunters and a priest, and using the four pets to tank, we took down both Auchenai Crypts and Shadow Labs. Oh man, it was awesome. Frost, freeze, and snake traps were amply employed. The pulls were largely unmarked and somewhat chaotic, but it was a total blast. We joked about doing Shattered Halls (can you imagine?), but I don’t think we’d survive that one. (Not until our hunters are a little better geared, anyway.)

After this, we gathered about 8 or 10 people from the guild and hit some of the battlegrounds. We won some, lost others, and overall, I was left with the sense that Ventrilo is much better for relaying info about incoming enermies than typing. Given the way people scream their heads off in all caps though, it’s probably best we don’t get to hear what most of our teammates are saying. (I was also pleased to note that people who were perfectly well-behaved during our Kara run, even after much booze, were inspired to utter obscenities about the random idiots on our BG teams. Glad to know I’m not alone!)

Sunday night, I didn’t go back for the rest of the Kara run started Friday (the other hunter assured me it would be suicide, and I believed her!), and instead, I did a bunch of dailies and then rolled a new alt Alliance side on Kael’thas to join BBB and Cassieann in their guild, Sidhe Devils. I’d been looking for such a guild to play Alliance side with, and when I saw their invitation for new members, I knew I wanted to join them. It’s still a very small group, which is nice because it makes it much easier to get to know folks. The other new cubs and I have a long grind ahead before we can group with Mr. and Mrs. Big Bear, unless they roll/rez alts. *tempt tempt* It’s quite a bit of fun just to hang out and chat with them, and I look forward to playing with them!


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  1. Oooh, now you have me thinking… I’ve been doing a whole, try the alliance experiment over the last little while, but I got stalled in Loch Modan as I’m a total noob when it comes to alliance stuff. If you know your way around, I wouldn’t mind tagging a long to see some parts of the game that I never have before.

  2. Well, lessee….I have an extra lvl 70 Holy priest on Baelgun…another $25 for the transfer (I’ve transferred my troll 2x in the last 3 months)…how much aggro does that equal?

    Then, there’s the play time and spreading enough Dax around for everyone….Doh!

    Yes, I agree….FOUL TEMPTRESS!!!

  3. @Dax

    I suppose it wouldn’t help to tell her that you were influenced by a woman you met on the internet. 😉 Seriously, don’t wanna get you in trouble, but would be fun, as always.


    I saw the movie many years ago (and enjoyed it), but have never seen any of the tv series. (Is that a Stargate character?) The name was more inspired by Linnaeus. And I thought it sounded cool. 🙂

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