On Friday evening, I logged in to do some crafting. Within a minute of arriving, I got a whisper from my hunter friend asking me to go to Kara with the group running that night.


Apparently, one member of the team had some unforeseen family stuff going on, so was going to be late — would I like to join them until he appeared?

๐Ÿ˜ฎ !!

I believe that’s a hell yeah. So, I switched to my hunter, tossed some crap in the mail to clear out her bags, stocked up on ammo, made repairs, (thankfully I already had a full stack of warp burgers), and then they summoned me.

The short version is that it was so much fun. We did Attumen, Moroes, skipped Maiden, and headed to the Opera event. For Opera, we got Big Bad Wolf, which was one of the funniest things ever. When one of the rogues in the party was turned into Little Red Riding Hood, he was squealing and giggling in vent as he ran, and everyone was laughing their buns off…

The person I was replacing did eventually show up, and so I thanked everyone and prepared to step out. The other hunter said she already had everything she needed from Kara, so asked me to please stay and take her place! So, I did, and she stayed in vent and cheered me on and gave me some pointers along the way. We took down the Curator, did the Chess event, and Shade of Aran. Wow…

I usually pour myself a beer as I sit down to play WoW on Friday nights, but I was so afraid of screwing up that I waited until we were almost done with the run. All in all, I think I did fine, though there was a point after the other hunter left that I was asked to trap something and I utterly failed to get the mob’s attention much less trap it. We were fine and survived, but I noticed I didn’t get asked to trap anything else after that. As woefully undergeared (and unprepared) for that place as I was, I most definitely did not take it personally, but I look forward to the opportunity to redeem myself this coming Friday. They invited me to join them again for the first part of Kara, so I must not have noobed it up too badly.

This was completely unexpected. I’ve been 70 for just a few weeks, and I’d not even tried a heroic yet. I never thought I’d find myself in Karazhan that quickly. It was brilliantly good fun though. And the most unexpected thing of all is that I came away with three pieces of loot: Steelspine Faceguard, Saberclaw Talisman, and Fiend Slayer Boots. Again, my face looked like this: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ . The other hunter was cheering in the vent channel as each of the items went to me and added, “I think I’m more excited than she is!!” Hehe… wow. Incoming guild hug!

Another observation about Karazhan… the fights are pretty interesting. I hadn’t read anything about them at all (again, not thinking I’d see the inside of that place for a long while), but the group patiently waited while the leader explained everything to me. I did my best to keep up, but I’m definitely going to read up on these again before Friday.


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  1. Very big congrats Ess! If you’d like a little help on trapping, BRK has some really good videos that demonstrate it. If you want to get better you could always give it a try on some mid-60’s regular mobs until you feel comfortable and then move up to something a bit harder. Congrats again, and good luck this Friday!

    — Fikkle

  2. Thanks, Fikkle! It was a blast. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yep, those videos really helped me get going when my hunter first started chain trapping. I’m generally a pretty good trapper now, and have no problem trapping and retrapping until the tank is ready for the mob. (I did tons of line-of-sight pulls into traps for the casters in Magister’s Terrace, so trapping non-casters now is such a treat!)

    The problem with this particular pull was that the tank had marked an elemental for me to trap. My usual pull is with an arcane shot and the mob was immune, so he just floated right over to the tank who grabbed aggro on it. I tried, but had no luck pulling him off the tank, and I sort of wonder whether he would have been trappable anyway had I caught his attention.

  3. I see… Well, as I don’t have a hunter at 70, the amount of assistance I’ll be able to provided will likely end right there. I’m sure that you’re not alone having trouble with those mobs out there and I bet some hunter somewhere might have a nifty little trick that seems to work like a charm. (/points at BRK)

  4. Hehe, thanks. I’m wishing I could remember the name of the mob! If it was this one, looks like he would have been immune to my trap anyway. I don’t think it was a case where we necessarily needed something trapped. In retrospect, I wonder if the tank was looking to give me something to do, and didn’t realize it was going to be immmune to the CC.

  5. Ain’t that a nice tank! Having played a mage for a long time now, I always like to feel useful, especially in a group. When I get a CC target I make it my mission to be a barn yard animal until its dead (first a sheep, now a pig… sadly, I never got the turtle). I think its awesome that the tank was trying to help you out! Although, I’m sure the MQoSRDPS were more than enough to validate your participation :D. Bah, now I wanna go run and play my hunter…

  6. I’ve never even thought about the arcane thingys being immune to arcane shot….guess I’ll have to make a distracting shot pull macro. Thanks for the heads up!

    My usual problem is running Kara or whatever with a Tank that’s way too geared or way too efficient and I can’t generate enough aggro to pull the target off of him. As I get better geared this should become less of a problem, I hope!

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