To Do

Forgot to upload my screenshots from last night, so the illustrated Poxer recap will wait until tomorrow. Short version? We destroyed Blackfathom Deeps. It didn’t even challenge us. So, we’re moving on to Razorfen Kraul next week, where hopefully we will get to exercise our grouping skills a bit more. Not that steamrolling an instance isn’t fun, but …

Tonight, it’s back to “work” for my hunter, to get some last minute improvements in before the Kara run tomorrow night. My current assignments…

  • Buy 2 dawnstones, ask guild JC to cut a pair of rigid dawnstones for me.
  • Buy 8 adamantite bars, 1 golden draenite (requires 2, but I already have one), ask guild engineer to make a scope for me.
  • Farm some Motes of Earth for enough Primals to make some Clefthide Leg Armor.
  • Work on Cenarion Expedition rep (want Glyph of Ferocity).

The first three are doable tonight, but could be pretty expensive, so maybe I’ll throw in some dailies. I am only halfway to revered on that rep grind, so there’s no way that’s happening in one night. I’ll save it for last and just do as much as I can.

The game really changes post-70, doesn’t it? Questing, but of a different kind. 🙂


5 responses

  1. The dailies are a great way to make money. Between the quest rewards and selling the greens I get, I can make 150 to 200 gold in about an hour. Often it feels like much of that time is spent traveling, too.

    Ooo, that’s a nice hunter glyph, too. I’m down to about one full clear of a Tempest Keep instance until I can get my Glyph of Power from the Sha’tar, which will be very helpful.

  2. Good luck on the CE Rep grind. Haven’t had a reason to grind it out on my Mage (at least that I know of) but I will most likely be doing that with my up n’ coming Hunter :s

    Grats on BFD clear. You guys are just chuggin right along! I think White may have agreed on a time for Sunday, so I’m hoping to get going myself. Pox Power!

  3. @Dax

    Heh, hopefully it won’t be too painful. I do have some quests left that will give me rep, but I’ll be even happier if I can get groups together to run the Zangarmarsh dungeons with me instead.


    Ooh, you are efficient! I have a handful of dailies that I do every day and am slowly adding more as I get more familiar with them. I get bored doing exactly the same thing every day, but it’s hard to argue with the cash.


    Thanks and thanks! And hope you guys can get the White team together soon. Scheduling really is the toughest part of the pox stuff. For the Purple team, we’re the most successful when we stick with the same time frame week to week. We’ve occasionally tried to get something going on the weekends (something supplemental, or to reschedule a missed Wednesday run), but it’s rare that we’re able to all be on at the same time at a different time. Of course then, the trick is finding the sweet spot in everyone’s schedules. If you can find that, however, you’ll be all set. 🙂

  4. Ya, we’re still tossing the date around, but I’m anxious to get poxing 😀 Looking at my gmail over lunch I realized that had I showed up on Sunday, I woulda been a day late since the planned date is Saturday, lol. Good thing I caught that or I would’ve felt pretty silly.

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