Little high, little low

It was an uneven weekend in the game…

My main guild has had a bit of drama, unfortunately. It’s strange because people have always seemed to work together well, communicate well, etc. Given what happened on the surface, I have to assume there were things that went on behind the scenes that I was not privy to, so not having all the details, I’m trying not to make assumptions and am being supportive of both “sides.” What it meant for me was that our Kara run was canceled, some people I liked very much left the guild, and it was a rather quiet weekend in guild chat. Oh well…

So, I spent much of Friday night and Saturday playing my Alliance alt instead. My Draenei mage finished the Azuremyst Isle quests and has now moved on to Bloodmyst Isle. I have played through these zones before (the mister and I had a Draenei priest/mage duo that we leveled to 30), but it’s been a very long time. Each time I pick up a new quest now, I get a sense of foreboding remembering how hard it was for me before. Most quests have ended up being much easier than I remember, though I have still died quite a few times. This is partly because I keep forgetting how big my aggro radius is and partly because I am leveling so fast, I keep forgetting to see the trainer! Having one’s skills up to date really does help.

Anyway, the Sidhe Devil folks are awesome. (Playing on a new character in a new realm again is giving me that same “vacation” feeling I had when I first started my Pox Arcanum character, too.) When my Sidhe Devil hit level 17, I decided to let her rest so other folks with low level alts could catch up for some dungeons. She and my husband’s priest toon did the long walk to Ironforge and made their way to Stormwind and then Sentinel Hill to pick up the quests for Deadmines. Should be fun! I don’t think I’ve done a full run of that with a level-appropriate group. I’ve never done the Stockades or Gnomeregan at all, so there’s all kinds of new fun stuff coming my way.

Sunday, I popped back to my main horde toons and joined a guild group going to Steamvaults. It was a total blast. Very fun group of folks, and I got to do lots of trapping! While having high DPS is fun, I think chain trapping is one of the most fun parts of being a hunter, so I’m always thrilled when asked to do it. Occasionally, pugs will ask me to trap, but many times they decide to leave the CC to other classes. I guess it is potentially unreliable (traps do get broken or resisted sometimes), but I really appreciate it when someone trusts me enough to mark something with a blue square for me. It was a great run, plus I got some of that Cenarion rep I need for that Glyph of Ferocity. Woo!

And then later Sunday, I joined a guild group going to some instances to finish some class quest chains they needed. This was less fun. It was fairly late (for a work night) when I logged out, but I was so wound up, I had to stay in game for a bit and do other stuff just so I wouldn’t leave with such a sour taste in my mouth. It had nothing to do with loot — it was the interpersonal interactions that occurred. I’ll just leave it at that. (I will not be grouping with some of these people again.)

So … bleah? A bit of a roller coaster. Hopefully things will even out and this week will be better.


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  1. Yeah…I’m thinking of transferring my three 70’s….$75, though, tempers that. I’m a bit tired of the pressure that comes from being in a casual guild that is evolving into a raiding one. It’s nice to log onto Dwarf Dax and just hang out….oh, and kill some stuff…./grin.

  2. If I had kept any of the Alliance toons on my main server, I’d probably be pondering the same thing. I deleted them a while back though. None of them had even reached level 40, so no huge loss. Plus, you know how I like starting over! šŸ˜‰

  3. thanks for waiting for the later additions to the Sidhe Devils to catch up. I’m a huffing and a puffing but my little warlock and her faithful minion are working their way up.

  4. I’m starting a new alt, too, so I can do some quests and dungeons with the next wave of folks joining, so don’t feel pressure to level up. Just have fun! Very glad you’re also joining over there, too. šŸ™‚

  5. Bell and I (aka Feralicious and Palintera) are planning on getting some Deadmines action ourselves, once Pali’s leveled up a bit more. Maybe we could coordinate something?

  6. That would be a blast! Just let me know when you’d like to go. We’re in the Eastern time zone. I’m on most evenings, and much of the weekend as well (though usually have company Saturday nights). My husband is on a bit less than I am, but he does enjoy running instances and would also join us, I’ll bet. šŸ™‚

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