Organized Play for the Altoholic

That’s what this week has been so far…

Monday night was Kael’thas time. I didn’t do much leveling, but husband and I completed the quest chains to make sure we have everything we need for Deadmines. Not sure when we’ll run it, but there was talk of Thursday night. Thursday night is when Lost comes back on tv, however, and if there’s one thing that can pull me away from WoW, it’s that… Still! Deadmines. Soon. Looking forward to it! Maybe Thursday. 🙂

Tuesday night, I played my new warlock alt. Actually, I created her a while back (after getting burned down by too many warlocks in PvP, I suspect), but then set her aside when I started spending more time on my hunter. The little warlock was guildless, so I had her join the new guild created by the friends that recently left my main guild. I would still like to play and hang out with them a bit, and doing so on my regular toons feels awkward at the moment. They’ve also started some lower level alts, so last night, five of us ran around Ghostlands together. It was really fun. Almost felt like a pox night, except I was much lower level than everyone else, so I don’t feel like I contributed much. When the idea of the evening was pitched to me, I was told it would be with alts levels 10 and below, so I was level 9 when I showed up. Everyone else was 13, 14, 16, etc. Heh. So, I was pretty much like the little sister with the big aggro radius, unable to hit anything with any of my spells. Pretty much just tagged along, but it was a good time and I managed to upgrade from some of the vendor trash I was wearing. She’s almost level 11 now!

And then tonight is for the pox! The Purples will take on RFK, and I hope it will give us a bit of a challenge. Any phat lewtz acquired in the process will just be a bonus! That will be from 7-10, and after, I think I’ll wander back to Kael’thas for…

…my new alt. Yes, I believe I stated somewhere that I hoped to stay focused on one toon on Kael’thas, but if I’m being honest, I think I knew that would never happen. I really enjoy hanging out there, and I really do get bored just playing one toon. So, I’m going to level up a second toon. May as well build up some rested XP, too, right? There are also more new Sidhe Devils joining, so this will allow me to group with more folks, too, if I have alts of different levels. Part of me wants to set some guidelines for creating the alts, like only make a new one once one of the existing ones reaches 40, etc, but the other part realizes that I’m just trying to give myself the illusion of self-control. Heh. So, again, I’m just going to do what’s fun. Tonight, my new Night Elf rogue will finally enter the starting area for some stabby stabby.



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  1. Hehe, well, it’s not on until 10 and we usually record in on the DVR and start watching when it’s about halfway through (so we can skip all the commercials). So, if we start at 7pm server time (which would be 8pm our time), that will give us more than enough time to run Deadmines and then scuttle off and watch our show by 10:30pm. 😀

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