The Purple Poxers cleared Razorfen Kraul last night, and all in all, it was much more fun and challenging for us than BFD. We still whipped it though. I managed a few screenshots, but not nearly enough for a picture book post. Also, Wara has put together a nice one here, so I don’t have to!

The pulls in RFK were a bit bigger, some of them unintentionally so. A couple times, I accidentally brought more enemies to us when I stepped around to the back of a mob for some shredding, and my cat butt pulled the next group. My shining moment, however, was just before going after the giant pig… we were in the room before, where there’s a group to left guarding the entrance to the pig’s lair and a group to the right leading to the next area. There was talk of “should we clear out this group on the right first?” “Yes, let’s, just to be safe.” Everyone else ran right, I ran left. That was 100% autopilot, sort of like when my car wants to go to work, but I really meant to drive to the store. I’ve only been in that instance a handful of times, but my instincts still told me left. “Um, Madj, you ran the wrong way.” Erm, yes. /blush. But, we took them all down with no problem. Same after killing the very last boss (though this wasn’t my fault!). We jumped down, and as each dying mob ran off, they sent a few buddies in to attack us. When everything had finally fallen, we counted 8 bodies.

I spent most of the run in cat form, but did pop into bear form during one of those extra big pulls to try to get mobs off of the clothies until Harisan could come over and grab aggro. I was getting quite a beatdown, so I stayed that way until she had their attention. During one of the bigger pulls, I also popped back into my normal form so that I could heal folks when Daxe ran out of mana. This is one of the cool parts of being a hybrid, and though I only really exploit this when we’re in a sticky situation, it is really fun to be able to contribute a bit of extra tanking or healing when we get into trouble.

I don’t know that I’m doing all that great with the DPS though. This whole energy thing is much less intuitive to me than the mana pool, so I’m not sure that I’m doing my attacks in the optimal order. I experimented with attack rotations throughout the run, keeping an eye on my DPS, the uptime on my DOTs, and figured a few things out by the end (that I may or may not remember when we meet again next week). The +6 agi quest reward ring, plus the +5 agi green ring that dropped for me, plus my new dagger, and my new pants (when I can wear them), will really improve my % crit chance, so hopefully I’ll see a bigger boost during our next instance run. We’re not having too much trouble downing things, but if there is room for improvement, I’d like to improve! So, I shall also be reading more about feral DPS mechanics before our next meetup. Melee DPS is different, interesting, and kind of challenging to me (as I’m much more accustomed to being a mana-based range attacker DPS type). I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I’m coming up on level 30 though, so I could certainly respec and try something different, too. We’ll see… πŸ™‚

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  1. I tried to look up feral dps using elitist jerks feral druid megathread and didn’t find anything mind shattering to suggest.

    Other than perhaps spending 5 talents in the restoration tree for 5/5 furor so that you can use the macro “/cast !catform” while in catform to shift out and back into catform and gain 40 energy instantly. You would only do this when you had 0 or close to 0 energy. Its basicly trading mana for energy.

    Also they say that stacking AGI is a good idea. Which it sounds like you are doing.

    Translating their thread from level 70 speak to level 25 speak means some of the math will be wrong but the general ideas are there.

  2. Ooh, interesting. I do have 5/5 in furor, though haven’t taken advantage of it. I’ll definitely give that macro a try. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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