Ah, Pugs

My little undead warlock has fallen behind the rest of the alts in the new guild a bit, so on Sunday, I took her around to pick up the quests for RFC. Someone in the guild mentioned a possible run, but I decided to go ahead and look for a pug to get a potentially more level-appropriate group together. (I could run it again with the guild later.) I really want to learn to play this class, and if other people are blasting the mobs into oblivion before I can get my second DoT up, it’s not going to get me anywhere. Plus, between guild runs and pox adventures, I haven’t run with a pick up group in ages. So, on Sunday morning, as soon as I had all the quests, I popped into the LFG and found a mostly formed group! Woo!

Within 10 minutes or so, folks were heading toward the stone. We had a warrior, two druids, and a hunter. I summoned my imp, passed out healthstones and elixirs, and crossed my fingers for cloth drops. 🙂 The warrior actually hadn’t made it into the instance yet when we went in, but everyone else seemed unconcerned so we proceeded without him. One druid tanked, the other healed. We plowed forward, no marking, just the steamroller approach. Sort of.

Our DPS was reasonably high, but rather unfocused. The hunter kept drawing aggro (often firing his first shot right before both his pet and the tank reached the mob), but rather than run toward the tank, he ran away. “If you draw aggro, please run toward the tank,” I said. “Im kiting,” he said. Uh… this isn’t the time for that. But, he did it again and again. I didn’t want to sound like a jerk, but I said again that he should really run toward the tank. “Hes kiting,” said the other druid. “Yeah,” I said, “away from the tank so he can’t get aggro back, and probably out of line of sight of the healer, too.” I told him that it is good grouping technique to run toward the tank so that the tank can get aggro back. No dice. This hunter was not interested. What an idiot. If you’re out in the wilds by yourself, kiting is fine, but I don’t think that was appropriate in this situation.

The warrior eventually showed up and started tanking as well, so we two-tanked (or three-tanked, if you count the “kiting” hunter) our way up the hill to Oggleflint. We killed him, and just as I was saying, “hey, good job folks,” somehow, someone aggroed every remaining trogg in the instance. “RUN RUN RUN,” someone said. I almost made it out, but they got me right by the door. Doh! Apparently someone got too close to the edge somewhere (though I’m not sure where), and we were ambushed by about 20 angry troggs. It was actually kind of funny.

We moved along pretty speedily after the corpse run. We plowed through the cultists to Taragaman the Hungerer, who dropped Crystalline Cuffs. These were a huge upgrade for me since my other ones were like Flax Cuffs, or some such starting area reward. As the greed rolls went by, I said, “those would be an upgrade for me, may I roll need?” “Yes, that’s how it works,” said the warrior. Well, I always like to ask so nobody gets pissy…

And the need roll was won by … one of the druids??? “Sry,” he said. “I didnt have a bracer.”


So lame. But, whatever. Onward.

We were going up the hill toward Jergosh, and had a few pulls where we took on more mobs than we initially bargained for due to aggro radii and so forth. “I need mana, please wait a sec,” I said before we went in to get him. “Use ur wand,” said the warrior. “I can do better damage if I use curses and spells,” I said. “Doesn’t matter,” he said. What a charming group of individuals.

We killed Jergosh and then wandered up to kill Bazzalan. Someone knew a shortcut to him that I’d never seen before, so at least I got something positive out of this pug. 😛

I was telling my guildmates about the whole thing after, and one of them was saying, “Well, were any of them in guilds?” No. “Did you tell them what the loot rules were up front?” No, I rarely do this. “Maybe they have no one to teach them?” This may be true. This is RFC, after all, which is the first instance ever for many folks. And was it the most horrible group I’ve ever played with? Definitely not. In fact, of the things that bothered me, the one that bothered the most was the last thing, the guy that would not wait for me to get my mana back. Obnoxious.

I took two things away from this experience…

One is that even if a dungeon is low level, I still believe it’s worth doing right. It happened sort of here, but more specifically in previous pugs — I hate it when someone suggests something that is reflective of good grouping technique, and someone else says, “It doesn’t matter, it’s just __(low level dungeon)__.” That’s the first thing that bit about not stopping for my mana regen said. To me, it does matter how the dungeon is approached, even if it’s a forgiving, low level dungeon. Not only does it help me practice good technique, it can teach others good grouping techniques as well. (I’m looking at you, Kitey McHuntard.)

The other is that I am probably a fool to expect random people to be courteous to me in this game. I really have been spoiled lately by the poxers and my other guilds, where people are more than courteous when it comes to grouping. We are helpful to each other, mindful of the needs of each character and the feelings of each player. It makes for a much more pleasant playing experience. As I start doing a bit more pugging, leveling up these new toons, I need to remember to lower my expectations again. Kind of sad, but that is that.

Lil warlock is now level 15. Just before bed last night, she turned in the necklace to have Lady Sylvanas sing her a lullaby.


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