Lovely non-pugs

The weekend recap continues… πŸ™‚

There was the one poopy pug I mentioned yesterday, but I managed several guild runs over the weekend as well, with both my Horde and Alliance toons.

I ran Deadmines twice with the Sidhe Devils. The first shot at it was Thursday night (not really weekend, but I took part of Friday off, so it felt like it!), with Waldorph (Mr. Ess) and Wulfa, and we were later joined by Dax. Waldorph tanked, Wulfa healed, and my fire mage burninated. Our three man assault was pretty slow and I had to stop and drink a lot, but we did pretty well, I thought. It was really fun to finally play with a different poxer, too! I still enjoy Pox Arcanum, but most of us agree that it didn’t quite turn out how we thought. One of the bummers about it is that we really don’t interact much with poxers outside of our teams. (Could write a whole post on this, I suspect, so I’ll just stop right there for now.) Anyway, Wulfa did great with the healing, and it was Waldorph’s first shot at tanking in an instance! /cheer ! He was awesome, though he said it’s hard for him to see stuff sometimes because he’s a gnome. I have a habit of running over to look at the pull, too, and would often block his view, too. (Oops.)

We were able to pick up the pace quite a bit when Dax brought in his hunter, and we made it all the way out to the pirates and Mr. Smite. Unfortunately, I fell in the water during that fight. Long story short, I cast a poorly placed frost nova, grabbed some aggro, Wulfa bubbled me, and as I was running along the pier toward Waldorph, I fell in… *splash* There were some little goblin dudes in the water that followed me as I swam back around, so I arrived at the fight bringing a bit of extra chaos with me, and … wipe. It was getting late, and it had taken us long enough to get there that there would be respawns, so we just decided to call it and try again later with a full group. It was super-fun though. πŸ™‚

Friday night, we managed to get a group of five together. Again, it was Waldorph tanking, me with my mageness, Nas on heals, and Palintera and Feralicious bringing teh drood awesome. This time we managed to kill Mr. Smite (and I managed not to fall in the drink), but as we were making our way up to the second level of the ship, we accidentally pulled the patrolling baddies above. I didn’t type “uh-oh” fast enough (we should really get on vent next time!), so Waldorph pulled the next set of mobs, and then Nas lagged out … pretty much the perfect storm. Only Palintera and I were able to get to the wheel fast enough to get away from the mob of baddies that descended upon the group. When our other three party members re-entered the instance, there were respawns. Waldorph said that they were respawning just slightly faster than the three of them were moving forward, too, so we just decided to call it. We’ll get you next time VanCleef!!!! I’m really looking forward to running more stuff with the Sidhe Devils, too. Great bunch of folks.

Saturday morning, Horde side. There were a couple of 70s around, including our GM who has not been on much lately since his son was born. He said he had time for a short instance, so folks decided we should run Black Morass. I’d just recently been in Old Hillsbrad for the first time to pick up the pattern for the Riding Crop for my leatherworker, but that’s been my only experience in any of the Caverns of Time instances. When the group found this out, they suggested we run Old Hillsbrad, too! I won’t give a play by play, but in short, those are really stinkin’ cool instances. Part of it is that I think Thrall is awesome, and any interaction with him always makes a quest cooler, in my opinion. (I think he’s one of the reasons I like playing Horde so much, even though he is a bit of a noob.) Black Morass is pretty nifty, too. The Hourglass of the Unraveller dropped, and I won the roll for it. I felt kind of bad about this because one of my guildmates there was apparently doing the run specifically for that item, and it was his 15th shot at Black Morass to get it. Part of me wishes that I’d just passed on it since it was my first time in the instance, but it really was a huge upgrade for me and that is the nature of the random roll. Any time he wants to run that instance again, I will go!

Anyway, it’s been great to have so many cool people to play with lately. I’m starting to feel like I’m spreading myself a little bit thin, but it is very nice to have options. If something isn’t fun, there are potentially three other fun places to play.Β  Guild hugs all around! πŸ˜€


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