An update of sorts

I’m still sorting through the pile of screenshots I took from Saturday’s Running of the Bulls for Sharvan, and will hopefully have those posted soon…

Posting here may slow down a bit over the next couple weeks, because I’m realizing how much of my work day it’s actually taking up. I get a few work-related things going (sometimes), make myself a cup of coffee, and start hammering out a blog entry, occasionally pausing to read other blogs or look for podcast updates. Of course I tab away when someone comes to chat with me or ask me something, but I do almost no work until the blog entry is done. Sometimes, given all the distractions and interruptions, this is as late as noon. The rest of the day flies by, and next thing I know, the whole week is gone. One could argue that the game itself also interferes with certain things getting done in the evenings, but the more urgent situation at the moment seems to be the way the blogging and reading about WoW during the day is interfering with my getting work done.

So, I’m going to cut back on all this a bit. I’ll still be posting a couple times a week, as things occur to me. My blog is intended more as a record of progress and events than a resource to the community anyway, so in the end I suppose it will really only be my loss. 🙂

Ok, time to get to work.  Back later!


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