Last Saturday night, I did the Running of Da Bulls, hosted by BRK and Ratshag on the Cenarion Circle server. It was initially proposed after the great success of the Gnaked Gnome Race, and then after their guildmate Sharvan passed away, it was determined that the bulls would run in her honor. And so we did… /moo!

It was quite an impressive turnout! I logged on about 45 minutes before start time and found the Tauren starting area loaded with racers, many of them sporting purple shirts. Within five minutes or so, I was added to a raid group.

I ran around, looked at all the names folks had chosen, and watched people duel. Those who weren’t dueling were mooing, dancing, and jumping up and down. All in all, it was very similar to the scene before the Gnaked Gnome race (but with more mooing).

I caught up with The Game Dame when she logged in and we managed to find one another in the herd.

We met up in vent, along with Dammerung, and mused at all the craziness. It was really fun to chat with them throughout the race, too. Everything was flying by in the chat window so quickly, I don’t think we would have been able to communicate at all that way!

Here we are getting ready to start the race, plus a classy exchange between some racers that I was lucky enough to capture. Someone also had a theory about how to reduce lag, but I don’t think it would have helped…

You can see here that someone was very concerned about the official starting line. Hehe… you definitely don’t want to be at the front of the pack for this race, dude.

And, they’re off!

It was very laggy, much more so than the gnome race. I usually have 60 fps, and was down to 20 or so. What was interesting was that my graphics were still smooth (I wasn’t getting the slide show effect), but all the people around me were gliding. There were times it seemed like I’d pulled away from the pack and was running (dangerously!) by myself, and then the other racers around me would all slide back into view at the same time.

We made it all the way through the Barrens to Durotar, where we crossed diagonally through the raptor and scorpion infested area, heading directly toward Orgrimmar. It was cool to see Orgrimmar appear on the horizon…

…but I only had a second to enjoy it because the zeppelin was already there! Aaahhhhh! Ruuuun!!

I ran up the ramp as fast as I could, but just missed it. Durnit.

So close!! It was pretty funny to watch the mass of Taurens grow as the racers behind us caught up. I also just noticed that in this first shot below, you can see the ultimate winner of the race laughing at those that missed the first boat. Hehehe…

A few minutes of mooing, jumping, and dueling later, the next zeppelin finally arrived, and off we went!

We hopped off the boat and into the darkness of Tirisfal Glades to try to catch up with the first pack. (And thanks, Surgee, I’ll be singing that song all day long now. 😛 )

Aaaand that’s when I made my fatal error. Most of the pack stayed on the road, but for some stupid reason, I decided to follow the small group of racers that veered left to take the shortcut through the water. I managed one last screenshot as I swam toward my death…

I realized I’d made a huge mistake, but held the small hope that the hungry pirahnas (or frenzies, or whatever they were) would be preoccupied with the racers ahead of me, and that I’d be allowed to pass by, but there just weren’t enough racers to feed them before I got there. So, I got eaten by a fish. He finished me off in about three bites. The rest of my race looked like this!

(And a note about that last shot — I snagged it because I wanted to catch the funny name of the runner that had just died there, but I also captured a bit of the general chat. There were a few people being annoying and spamming the general chat, and when someone asked them to stop, the first person there issued his opinion on the matter, while the second person just kept spamming those phrases. Continuously.)

I ran all the way to the finish line, but it looked pretty quiet since I was a ghost. Other folks have gotten some great shots of the area by the finish line loaded with dancing Taurens in purple shirts, but this is all that I saw.

I didn’t stay on for the raid to Ironforge because we had some guests over, but it sounded like it was a blast. There are a lot of great screenies out there, and you can catch some of the later shenanigans in this wonderful video put together by Wincefish: Running of Da Bulls. (It’s not Rick Astley, I promise.)

Anyway, even though I didn’t officially make it to the finish line in this one, it was great fun, and a nice tribute to Sharvan. I didn’t know her, but from what I’ve heard, she would have thought the whole thing was very funny. /moo!

Tremendous thanks to BRK and Ratshag for coordinating and hosting this event! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next… 🙂


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