Friday Five

1. Amen, sister. Seriously, great article.

2. I am working on a post about Pox Arcanum, more reflecting on the whole experiment than describing what we’ve been doing lately. So, briefly, what we’ve been doing lately: we’ve just passed level 30 and will take on the Scarlet Monastery Library next week. It will be our second assault, as we didn’t get much past Loksey the first try. Last week, we did some general quest clean-up (including class quests) and have all trained in our level 30 skills, so I think we’ll get much further this time. πŸ™‚

3. Horde side, I’ve been spending time leveling my Blood Elf frost mage, and farming a lot of thorium to level up her jewelcrafting. Over the last week, it’s gone from 210 to 278, so I’m making good progress! I’ve been feeling more mage-y than hunter-y lately, so my level 70 hunter hasn’t gotten much attention this past week. I did take her out for a few quests one night though and got her revered with Cenarion Expedition. She now has the Glyph of Ferocity, just in time for a Kara run this weekend!

4. Alliance side, my Sidhe Devils fire mage has hit level 30. I’m still feeling slightly lost over there. Horde side, I know the drill, I know where all the instance quests are, and my battle plan for proceeding through them is set and well-practiced. She’s been through Deadmines and Stockades, but I haven’t really spent much time looking up the set of quests for Gnomer… instead, I’m just leveling. I would like to get her to 70 so I can play with the cool kids. (Oh, and BBB. πŸ˜‰ )

5. I’ve been feeling a bit more focused in the game lately, less inclined to play lots of alts, though I create them. I want to gear up my hunter a bit, and run Kara with the guild. I want to get my frost mage to 70, and will likely make her my main when Wrath arrives (if not before). My priest still sits at 50, but she’s the only other horde side alt I suspect I’ll be putting effort into. Alliance side, I really am enjoying the fire mage. And that’s pretty much all I’m playing at the moment (and I don’t think the priest really counts). Believe it or not, this is pretty focused for me!


One response

  1. Awesome!

    I have a 70 Rogue (Undead)
    70 Warlock(BE)
    70 Paladin(BE Main)
    and a 66(mage)

    I love the Pally and warlock though, and the rogue was my first main, way back during release time.

    Good to see you enjoying the game, sadly I think I am finished 😦

    Oh well, If you want to stop by and talk on our forums that I just created please do so, we always need some fun convos!

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