It’s been a bummer of a morning at work, and so, as is my usual habit when I’m in work-avoidance mode, I was scanning through the recently updated gaming blogs in my feed reader. I saw that there were some new posts by the SUWT folks, and I clicked on the Ancient Gaming Noobah, cool, new SUWT episode is out. I’ll have to download that. Probably some AoC stuff, yep, Keen and Graev, cool, and …

*blink blink*

For a second there, I thought there must be another blog called Outland Bound, but I hovered over the link, and it was mine.

Of course I immediately downloaded the podcast to hear what they said. I was referred to as a guy a couple times initially, but then the correction was made, that I am indeed a girl. Anyway, they had some really nice things to say about the blogs, and hearing them say hi to me (knowing that I’m a listener) was surreal to say the least… Wow! I’m trying to imagine my reaction had I heard the podcast before reading that post… hehe…

I’m still a bit stunned by the whole thing. Talk about making my day… Thanks so much, you guys! 😀 I very much appreciate the linkage, as well as your thoughts on my writings here! Wooo! Very encouraging.


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  1. Thanks, guys! I listened to the entire podcast yesterday afternoon, and couldn’t help but giggle a bit again when that part came up. Hee!

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