Pugging the Library

I haven’t had much luck getting pugs Alliance-side yet. I tried twice to get a pug for Gnomer, but both times it appeared I might have a group, it didn’t work out. Each time, I got a note from one of the party members asking me if I wanted to join. I’d say yes, and wait for the invite to the group and then never get invited. The first time, I saw the group composition and noted that if they added me, they’d be lacking either a healer or a tank. I pointed this out after noticing it, and the person never responded. The group disappeared from the LFG list, so I guess they must have found someone else. The second time, after the whisper, the person said, “I’ll invite you as soon as I’m out of the BGs.” So, I waited. And waited. And … nothing. I kept an eye on their location, and after the BG they were inside the instance. I whispered and asked if they had decided to invite someone else instead, but the person never answered. What is it with people not whispering back to say they’re not inviting me after all? I think this is rude. Just tell me instead of keeping me waiting. Sheesh.

Last night, my Alliance mage completed the pre-reqs for the Scarlet Monastery quests, so hopped into the LFG for the Graveyard, Library, and Armory, and hoped for the best. This time, I got a message and an invitation almost immediately. That’s an improvement! There was a paladin, a hunter, me (mage), and a fourth player not of the tank/healer persuasion (though I don’t remember their class). I was about to ask whether it was a healer or tank that we needed when another mage joined… uhhh…. And then I noticed that the newly added mage was a 70. I almost excused myself, as I normally do in these situations, so I can find a level-appropriate group, but then I decided what the heck… I took the run-through. I came away with a staff and a new pair of shoulders. Awesome.

Everyone left the group except the paladin and I, and he asked if I’d like to stay on for a second group. I agreed to, so we hopped back into the LFG. He immediately picked up another paladin and another mage, so e ran out to summon them and wait for a fifth. Within 2 minutes or so, folks were clamoring to just try to 4-man something. I suggested Graveyard, given that most of the group members were level 33 or so and there were only four of us, but they wanted to do Library, so in we went!

I’ve mostly been running stuff with guild folks lately, so this pug was a shock to the system. First, there was no marking. Second, there was no tanking, unless you count what the other mage was doing. The paladin that I was in the previous group with usually did the pulls and tried to hold aggro, but the mage always ended up getting attacked because he never waited long before casting his first frostbolt. (All the blizzards he cast didn’t help either.) The mage was only other person in the group with a threatmeter, so I pretended he was the tank and laid off the damage as soon as I approached his level of threat. There were enough consecrates that sheep never lasted very long, so I just tried to hit what everyone else was hitting, and stay alive as best I could.

We made it down the first hallway, and when we got to the courtyard, I spoke up and recommended that we pull groups inside the hallway. I taught the paladin how to do line of sight pulls of the casters and range attackers, and after a pull or two got the hang of it. The other mage still pulled aggro every time, pretty much, so both paladins kept him healed. And then… Loksey.

“This guy is kinda hard,” said the paladin “tank.” “Anyone have any ideas?” I kept my lip buttoned, wondering what kind of strategy they’d come up with.

“Get Loksey first, and then the dogs,” someone else said.

“KK,” said the tank, and without further ado ran in. Loksey and the dogs swarmed him, and I waited for him to cast consecrate before I shot a fireball. And waited, and waited… finally a consecrate, but really, it was too late. The other mage got aggro, we didn’t put a dent in Loksey, and the dogs ate us for dinner. Heheh…

Ok, second try. We ran back. “Cast consecrate as soon as you run in there this time,” suggested the paladin healer. “It draws a lot of threat, so you’ll be able to tank all of them.”

“But I have to save mana for heals,” said the tank. Er…

“Heals?” said the healer.

“Yeah, to heal you guys when you get hit.” Um…

“Don’t worry,” said the healer. “I’ll heal you, and you just cast those consecrates.”

“KK,” said the tank, and in he went… seconds after the dogs attacked him, he cast his first consecrate. I waited for the second before I attacked Loksey. And it was great!! He was tanking!! All the mobs stayed focused on him, and I have to say, I was really proud of him.

I think it’s a better idea to burn down the dogs first, but they wanted Loksey dead first, so that’s what I focused fire on. The other mage took a more creative approach to the fight, however. He’d shoot some frostbolts at Loksey, then turn one of the dogs into a sheep. The sheep would then either be broken by the next consecrate or by the mage’s blizzard… *blink blink* (I am not making this up.)

Just as Loksey went down, the healer ran out of mana, the dogs killed the tank, and all hell broke loose. I was the last to die, and for a moment, I thought I might be able to get away and run out of the instance, but the dogs killed me in the hallway. Hehe, oh well.

We all commended each other on the excellent attempt, and then I excused myself, calling it a night. I didn’t think we’d make it much further and it was pretty late.

Although there were a couple of clueless folks in the group, I was impressed with how respectfully people treated each other. I’ve been in so many groups where someone new does not realize how to play their class/role, and rather than offer helpful suggestions, another group member decides to be a jerkface and yell at them the whole time. There’s nothing in the game that teaches you how to group other than the people you group with. I very often sit back and don’t say anything, particularly if I’m in my Jane Goodall mode. (All this really makes me want to start up Year of the PuG again!). I wonder if I should say more, however, when I encounter groups like this one, that may be receptive to advice.


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  1. I’m a noob in wow and currently I only pug / lfg instances some experiences nice others not. I dont have enough knowledge to advise but definately appreciate when more experienced players give me advice. I will try and ask the leader of the party to mark if at all possible.

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