Kara fun!

I went to Karazhan with the guild again these past two weekends! Recently they’ve been dividing the runs into two parts, so the lesser geared folks could do up to Curator, and then the better geared folks could finish up the rest. With these past two runs, the person arranging the sign-ups didn’t split it, so I actually signed up for the runs in their entirety… 😮

The furthest I’d been previously was Shade, and so I was pretty excited at the prospect of seeing some of the later bosses. I was also anticipating some rather spectacular deaths on my part. The weekend before last, I studied up on the fights a bit so that I wouldn’t make a total fool of myself. Realizing that my stamina is a bit on the low side, I knew that just standing in the wrong place might be the difference between life and death. I also farmed some meat for warp burgers and shelled out some gold in the AH for agility potions, so I’d have the best agility I could.

As that first run began, I still felt very nervous, despite the preparation. In the end, it went great! We one-shotted everything, clearing everything except Nightbane and Prince. Woo! There was talk of going back the second night to finish the clear, but we didn’t manage to get a group together. I was feeling much more confident for the run last night. We started a bit later than usual because we had a guild meeting first, but still managed to get through Curator and Shade, and then did Chess for fun just before midnight. We’re going back to continue the run tonight, and see how far we can get.

Thoughts so far? I love it.

I think the dungeon itself is pretty stinkin’ cool. The fights are quite interesting. I have a good handle on most of the ones I’ve seen now. I died during my first two encounters with Maiden, but survived last night, so I’m good there. I also got turned into Little Red Riding Hood during the Opera fight last night, and managed to survive my whole run without getting killed by the Big Bad Wolf. (Yay!) Shade is still a bit tricky. I don’t remember the blizzard circling around the room my first trip there, but maybe it was because I died too quickly somehow. I felt much more aware of what was going on these last times though, and just learned about the safe spots where the Blizzard won’t get me. I’ll be good there on the next run. I think the coolest fight I’ve seen is Netherspite. I’m really looking forward to seeing that again. (Don’t cross the streams!)

Sunday night runs have been less silly than the Friday and Saturday ones, but folks are really friendly and work together well. Although I have studied the fights a bit beforehand, the main tank always takes the time before the boss fights to give hints on where to stand (and not stand), and helps those new to Kara quite a lot. We also have people that are experienced in Kara, but not in the particular classes they’re playing now. One of our main tanks is playing a healer priest, one of our priests is building up a warrior tank, and one of our mages is healing as a resto druid. Listening to them offer each other tips before the fights and share strategy is just awesome. In a way it makes me wish I’d been there to experience Kara as the guild was working out the fights and learning them, because it’s really fun working with them. I will do my best to keep up with them as we all level to 80, to work through the next batch of content with them.


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  1. Minor aside, but I’m assuming the “don’t cross the streams” joke is referring to Netherspite, not Nightbane. Why’d they have to give both the dragons names that start with N, huh?

  2. Ah, you’re right! Thanks — I corrected it. I got the right name in the earlier part of the post saying we didn’t complete Nightbane and Prince (so I’ve never actually seen Nightbane yet), and the second time, I did mean Netherspite. 🙂

  3. Woo! That sounds like a nice night! I really like the feel and atmosphere of the whole tower and like how each of the boss fights really *feel* difficult and epic (well, the ones I’ve seen so far). I have the hardest time with Shade, myself…I just can *not* see the blizzard most of the time. Actually, I have a similar problem with the burning ground bit against Nightbane. Hmm…time for a new computer, maybe?

  4. Mmm… new computer. 🙂

    I’d heard that some of the fights were more like dances, and it really is true. More interesting than your typical damage race + aggro control exercise.

    unfortunately, we were unable to get the group back together to do the later half last night. We don’t seem to have very good luck with Monday nights lately, it seems. I think we’re going to try to get a Sat/Sun run together for the coming weekend. My fingers are crossed that my hunter will finally get to face-off with Prince!

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