As much as I love WoW, this has been slightly tempting lately. And this has been a little more tempting than that. Then, yesterday I saw this. I might succumb. (Actually, AoC is the most tempting because I see a lot of people starting to play it now, but EQII would be free.)

It’s not that I don’t enjoy WoW — I do still enjoy the cheese they have to offer. I just like to try lots of different kinds of cheese. Even within WoW, I flit from alt to alt, activity to activity. I like it that I can have lots of toons and play with several guilds. On the weekends, I’ll romp all morning in the BGs, and then work on my crafting professions all afternoon. Given all I want to accomplish in WoW, I’m not sure I have time to give much attention to another game, but I do feel the lure. The people I’ve met through the blogs and in game are what will keep me in WoW for the long term, I’m sure, but I can’t help but wonder what other games have to offer.

I think part of it is all the non-WoW MMO stuff I’ve been reading and listening to lately. I’ve played lots of games over the years, but WoW is my first MMO, and I find it interesting to hear how the others compare. It’s cool to hear about other crafting systems, other combat systems, and the way that the classes are designed in these new games for solo and group play. I love about how players play the games to make them more immersive, and what they find appealing about different kinds of quests or PvP systems. I find game design fascinating, and while there are so many things WoW does right, I am interested in the criticisms of the game by those more experienced with MMOs.

Another part of it is that I know I’m a joiner. If you’re looking to try some new set of experimental alts? Sign me up — I’m all over it. I see some bloggers putting together new guilds in some of these new games, and that’s an additional layer of temptation. Trying another game at this point would be as much about being social with new groups of people as about seeing new games and new content.

Hm… 🙂

(Stay on target!)


2 responses

  1. As a “Mac Gamer” it is both a blessing and a curse that their are so few options for me. I like WoW but my need for “newness” may have caused me to jump ship by now. Age of Conan does sound cool, however, not sure how I like the button mashing attack… that seem “Console” to me. I have not tried it though, it may rock.

    Warhammer Online has almost made me buy a new PC and put my Mac on the shelf. I have played the tabletop version for a long time. I have played their fantasy and 40k variants. I have high hopes for this game that will never come to fruition as they will be PC only… sigh…

  2. That’s good to know on both counts…

    I’ve heard mixed reviews of Conan. The button mashing thing definitely isn’t my style, and I think I’d be turned off by all the zoning. I’m used to the seamlessness of WoW. I still might give it a try though, particularly if there’s ever a free trial.

    I’d sort of assumed that most (if not all) games were available for both Mac and PC nowadays, but evidently not. That stinks. I’d consider a Mac for my next gaming computer (which wouldn’t be for a very long while), but I suppose I’ll have to think about what I’m playing then and what games are coming down the pipeline.

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