Nov. 30th for Wrath?

Look what

I just peeked at it, too, and it does say “Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on Nov 30, 2008.” So, do we finally have our deadline for doing all the things we wanted to do before Wrath? (And is that the day we’ll all go stand in line at Best Buy? 😉 )

Edit:  I told my husband, and he pointed out that Amazon has had a pre-release date on the next George R. R. Martin book for the past two years that gets regularly shifted forward.  So, this may mean nothing.  Still, it’s exciting to think about.  🙂


5 responses

  1. As fun as it is to think about, having worked in retail for many years now, they tend to just stick release dates on things. Way back when the expansion was first announced GameStop (where I worked at the time) was telling people “October 30” 😛

  2. They think they’re sneaky when they do it. Think about all of the hits that Amazon got as a result of them putting the date up on their site? People came to confirm, they got all excited, maybe they remembered that Father’s Day is coming up and they still haven’t gotten a gift, they buy a gift or two, and, hey, profit!

    Relying on Blizzard’s word will probably be more accurate — but it does help get people excitededed!

  3. If you look at Gamestop they are saying November 8. It’s all a guessing game by the retailers. I’m thinking Amazon picked a nice safe date that they can be sure it will be released by.

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