Good stuff!

1. Warlock TherapySomething Cool about the Blue and SK’s World First. Really cool post about the downing of Kil’jaeden from the Blizzard point of view, as they watched it happen. Also, if you haven’t seen the SK Gaming video, definitely go check it out. I didn’t watch the entire fight, but I flipped through to catch the various phases, and when they actually down him? Chills. It is awesome.

2. 4 HaelzAge, Gender, and WoW. Thought-provoking, from the point-of-view of a young WoW player whose parents are concerned about who she plays with.

3. BBB wonders, How do you find the time to play when you’re a married gamer? I meant to respond to this, but got distracted… I might put together a post over here in response to the question. More great stuff from the Big Bear, with excellent reader responses.

4. New batch of articles at The Daedalus Project! Yay! This time, the subjects include social architectures in MMOs, what people want from MMOs, kids and MMOs (including some interesting stuff about perceived risks for young people in MMOs), plus surveys on crafting, trading, and the importance of pets.

5. Petoholic’s AnonymousWTS “like new” guild. Very amusing story, complete with screenshots.


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