Rep Grindery

I played my frost mage almost all of Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. She finished all but one of the Hellfire Penninsula quests, and since it was a group quest, I decided to just move on to Zangarmarsh. (This is unusual for me — maybe it’s because I’m pretty sure I’m not going to want to go back, but I like finishing everything in Hellfire before leaving.) As I started completing a few of the easy Cenarion quests, I pondered doing the rep the “right” way this time, turning in all the plant parts to get to honored, and then resuming questing. Sure, why not…

If I’d been thinking ahead, I would have started collecting plant parts from the AH long ago, but I wasn’t. I bought the 40 or so that were in the AH upon starting this rep grind, and I got about 40 (offered unsolicited!) from the guild bank as well, so that gave me a great start. I then did some of the Swamprat Post quests that sent me to the Dead Mire to kill Bog Lords. The drop rate for the plant parts was decent, so after finishing the quests, I headed back to the Dead Mire and killed more of those guys for hours.

Given how much I enjoy listening to podcasts, the farming wasn’t that boring. I was also hoping to level my jewelcrafting a bit, and there were several adamantite nodes that respawned in the zone periodically. I’d grind until my bags were full, go back to Swamprat and sell the junk, and then go turn in the plant parts. Lather, rinse, repeat. I remember doing the math to determine that I’d still need 180 plant parts, then 100, then 40, and finally 0! I came away with quite a bit of gold from the junk, a few stacks of ore, and many motes.

Shortly after this, a friend in the guild asked if I had a particular gemcutting pattern, and I didn’t, although my jewelcrafting was high enough to learn it. I just needed to get friendly with the Consortium. *waggles eyebrows* So, I wandered to Nagrand, introduced myself to the Consortium, and did the repeatable crystal fragment turn in quest until I reached friendly. Easy peasy. Since you can get the crystals via harvestable nodes, plus the mobs right by them, getting 100 of them was no problem.

So, I got the pattern and cut loads of gems for my friend. My jewelcrafting is now at 356. Woo!

And my mage is almost to level 65. She still has a fair amount of double xp left, and when that runs out, I think I may start leveling my troll priest again (finally). I’d love to get both of them to 70 before the expansion hits! Not to mention my alliance mage. She is currently at 41, and I’m waiting for her to get a bit more rested xp before I play her again. I had lots of fun taking her questing with my husband and Wara‘s warrior in Stranglethorn on Friday night. 🙂

But tonight, we Pox! We’ve been off for a few weeks, so I’m looking forward to playing with the Purples again. I believe the plan is to hit RFD. Our time will be shorter than usual, but it will be fun to see how far we can get.


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  1. Woo! Rep grinding! I almost wish I had read some of the rep guides before I hit Outland, because I did the quests right away and missed out on lots of the turn-ins. When I was working on Sporeggar rep I ended up with hundreds of Plant Parts that went mostly to the guild bank, as I was already honored with the droods.

    Now that I think about it, I should have saved them for an alt. Oh well. They’re easy enough to gather.

  2. I actually like to get quests out of the way in a progressive manner, so I just did the Cenarion quests regardless. I usually don’t leave a zone until the quests there are finished (with the exception of a group quest or two). I grinded the CE rep by running many regular and heroic Steamvaults. I thought it was more fun than finding plant parts. 🙂

  3. @Wara

    As I was grinding for those Consortium crystals, I remembered that I sold a bunch of elekk tusks in the AH in the previous months, which could also be turned in for Consortium rep. Oh well. 🙂 It’s true though — it’s not that tough to gather this stuff.


    Yeah, plus I ended up burning through quite a bit of double xp while killing those Bog Lords. Perhaps not optimal. I would much rather get the rep by running instances (and that was my plan for my hunter, my first 70), but somehow it’s been tougher getting groups together than I’d hoped. I’ll see how this experience (starting with CE Honored) compares to my hunter’s experience, and then deal with my next up and coming 70 based on that… or based on whatever seems like fun at the time. 🙂

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