Mounts at 30!


You know, I saw this in some patch/expansion notes a while back (must have been before the 2.4 patch, because I’ve been ignoring the WotLK stuff), but I only saw it in one place on one list. This made me suspicious. I asked the other Poxers about it during one of our play sessions, and they couldn’t recall reading anything about it, so I just figured it was bull. Looks like it is true though, and will be implemented with 2.4.3. That is exciting. 😀


3 responses

  1. It turns out that there are a number of ways to speed up leveling; mounts at 30 is one such way. I wonder what other tricks Blizzard has up their sleeves to pave the way for a level 80 cap; it’ll certainly be interesting to watch.

    And, while I only played a month before BC came out, I will now find myself in the old timers’ category….

    “I remember when you had to wait all the way until 40 to get your mount, and it cost 100 gold, and we had to change the oil in it every 10 steps, and they broke down all the time, and sometimes they’d charge up thousands of gold in long distance calls to Searing Gorge……AND WE LIKED IT!!”

  2. This change has been decried on several other blogs, but I know for a fact that the true altaholics out there are gonna love this change! It is also going to mean a serious change in the 30-39 BG bracket!


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