Two Nights of Pox (and why we are Awesome)

After a couple of missed weeks, the Purple Poxers were back in action this week, and managed to meet two nights in a row for instances. Monday night, we took down RFD. The idea was to just see how far we could get, since it was a shorter session than usual, but we finished the whole thing with time to spare. Woo! Last night we approached the Cathedral with the same mindset, and totally cleared out the place. We were all level 36, but managed to kill everything (including the elite 40 bosses) with no problem. It was awesomely fun, and just about the right level of difficulty for us, I think. When it’s too easy, we get a little bored. This was just tough enough to be challenging and interesting, but not so tough that an accidental pull of the next group (*looks innocent*) put us in peril. There was one point where Harisan tanked a pull of nine mobs with no extra crowd control. NINE! We are amazing. After we finished the Cathedral, we burned through the Library in about half an hour… awesome.

So, we talked a bit about why it is that we are so amazing at this point. Harisan has a great post up now, and Daxe is working on one as well. I’ll recap a little and add some thoughts to the mix.

I do think our specs have a lot to do with our success, as Harisan mentions. Daxe is holy, Harisan is prot, and in chatting with Sal and Wara, I know they’re experimenting with builds that focus on dealing damage and not worrying about anything that would enhance survivability while soloing mobs because we are never playing solo. This is a huge advantage. Having good gear also really helps — we’re all decked out in blues, for the most part, with new enchants as Daxe learns them. Our extra greens and blues go to him for meltage.

In addition to all the crowd control possibilities and awesome buffs Harisan mentioned, we also have a really good balance of types of damage in the group. We’re routinely dealing physical, holy, shadow, and fire damage. We have folks providing very high burst damage while all the dots also tick away. We have a couple folks that can resurrect teammates if something goes wrong, plus backup heals or tanking if we’re in a pinch.

Another major thing that contribute to our success, is that we all know, fundamentally, how to play in a group. We are good teammates. We all wait when the healer needs to drink, we don’t have anyone stealthing up ahead near the boss and accidentally pulling them when the tank is afk, and when people get aggro, they run to the tank instead of away into the next group of mobs. Nobody is trying to out-DPS anybody else (we only compete for the the mutton chops 😉 ). Everybody knows the kill order and adheres to it.

The other big thing is that we listen to each other. We pay attention. Some of this is because we do have a limited amount of time to play together, and we are motivated to progress and get things done. We also clearly respect each other as players, and have an interest in the whole team winning against the instance. We have an unselfishness that makes the whole thing run more smoothly. While Pox Arcanum didn’t turn out as anticipated, socially speaking, as an experiment in organized group play, it has been a wild success. I couldn’t stop smiling about this last night. It has been so much fun!! 😀

And yay! Daxe’s post is up — “What makes this Poxer group tick?”

I think Daxe sums up the magic ingredient quite well: Maturity. Perhaps there’s just no substitute. 🙂

And I also have to say, Daxe, that I have been having similar thoughts lately about another experimental leveling group (outside Pox Arcanum, on a different server). I would pick a different class, possibly try playing with fewer restrictions (or meeting much more often), but in greater isolation. (No expansive guild, just to simplify things.) But, there is always the issue of time and scheduling, and finding enough to accomplish everything I already have on my to-do list. We shall see… 😉


4 responses

  1. Lol! You must include me!!!

    One of the reasons I was (and continue to be) excited about Pox nights is healing in a group. I don’t have to worry about soloing anything, and I get to do one of the things I dearly love to do.

    Also, as far as the Purples go, we have been very fortunate in that all of us are fairly laid back and easy going. It is very much a pleasure to run with you, Sal, Wara, and Harisan!

  2. If a new experiment is getting underway, I’d like to be included as well! I kinda jumped on the Pox train when it was already full speed. I’d like to join something new that may still be at the station if you know what I mean. Nice write-ups though guys and gals. Really well done!

  3. I haven’t read the rest of the Purple Poxer summaries yet, but I think this reveals something about the game. The way you guys play is clearly the way Blizz envisioned the game. It’s a traditional pen & paper RPG party where teamwork makes up for individual shortcomings. It allows you to level protection or holy from 1-70 and not worry about soloing anything. I think they saw WoW replacing traditional Roleplaying groups, converting them from pen and paper to digital. I don’t think this has been terribly effective, but I think it was the intention. Sadly, it’s probably the way 2% of the players experience the game.

    Although I levelled up solo, all of my RL friends who were able to get into the game earlier all levelled up together. Now that I’ve caught up to them, it is awfully nice to scratch my RPG itch when we can fit it into our schedule.

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