Kara cleared!

I had a great weekend in the game…

It started lazily on Saturday morning, fishing and cooking on my Pox toon in Anvilmar, all the while chatting with Wara in vent. Fun!

After a quick shower, some cleaning, and some lunch, my hunter headed into Karazhan with my main Horde guild. It’s one of the many Sat/Sun split runs we’ve been doing, bringing in the lesser geared 70s do the first half, and then the better geared folks pick up the rest of Kara the next day. I’ve been signing up for both runs, since I fall somewhere in between. We cleared everything up to (and including) Curator. No troubles except for Maiden, which we managed to down on the third try.

After that I played around with some of the Midsummer Fire Festival stuff. I hate to say it, but some of it was just frustrating. The torch tossing and all that is pretty easy once you figure it out (and I did it very quickly later with my frost mage), but actually figuring out what they wanted you to do (and then how to do it) was really annoying. After looking at the rewards for turning in the blooms, I’m not sure how much more time I’ll spend on it. The non-combat pet isn’t very interesting to me, and although the dancing flame thing might be entertaining to pull out from time to time, I don’t know that it will be worth the time spent collecting the 350 blooms. Instead, I’ll just be taking advantage of the 10% additional xp that you can get for doing the ribbon dance. I’m with you on this one, Nas! (I’ll raid the cities to get the flames if folks want to get a big group together, because I know there’s xp to be had there, too!, but otherwise, the ribbon dance will be enough Festival for me.)

I spent much of Sunday morning doing exactly that — my frost mage danced around the ribbon until she got the 60 minute xp buff, tootled around Nagrand, and came back to rebuff whenever it wore off. She did quite a few quests, knocking off various beasts, ogres, and elementals, and although she got into trouble a few times when surrounded by respawns, I was impressed with how quickly she was able to kill things. I was afraid that at this level, killing/leveling would seem incredibly slow compared to my experience with my hunter, but I think it’s about the same, if not faster. She’s almost at 67 now! I’d love to press to get her to 70, but she’s almost out of rested xp, so I may wait a bit. I really want to get her rep up to get more jewelcrafting patterns, however. I shelled out a bunch of gold for the Delicate Living Ruby pattern in the AH, because my hunter could really use some of them. I’m hoping that she can become a jewelcrafting resource for the guild, since we recently lost the jewelcrafter that had most of the really good patterns. I’m finding that the patterns are expensive, but very good investments.

Sunday evening, I met up with the group for the second half of Karazhan. This is only the second time I’ve participated in the second half, and last time, we finished everything but Nightbane and Prince. (We planned to do those Monday night, but the run fell through because not everyone was available.) Our main tank summed up last night’s run: “the DPS in this group is just sick.” It’s true. (We had a rogue, two hunters, and three shamans.) We zoomed through the dungeon in what some suspected could be record time for our guild. We did have some well-geared folks, but not all of us had all our Kara gear yet, and several people came away with significant upgrades. We worked really well together and one-shotted everything, including both dragons and Prince. So. Awesome.

I must confess — I somehow didn’t think we’d be making it to Nightbane or Prince fight, so I still hadn’t read up on them. The Nightbane fight wasn’t too difficult (though my pet died twice — had to feed her lots of hellboar bacon after that), thanks to a really good explanation of it beforehand by the tank. He also briefly explained the Prince fight, though I don’t think I totally got it. I wasn’t sure what to ask or how to have my questions clarified, so I just ran in, followed the other hunter’s lead and hoped for the best, and apparently managed to keep myself out of trouble. I will definitely study a bit before next weekend’s run if it looks like I’m going to go.

The second half of Kara was scheduled for 7-10:30, and we were done before 9:30. Our main tank was just one badge short of his next upgrade, so five of us put together another group and did heroic Slave Pens. We summoned Lord Ahune, but he kicked our asses three times before we decided to just finish the instance and give him another try later. (He is very cool looking, but those adds… eesh! The funniest was during our last attempt… I was the last one alive, so I feigned death. The little white swirls still appeared under my body, and the giant ice stalagmite shot up beneath me and launched me into the air, as I remained in the “feign death” position. Hehe…) I know that Slave Pens is one of the easier heroics, but it was really fun to just cut through it like buttah and get s’more badges. (We need many steenking badges.)

Anyway, great fun all around. Woo!

(Also, I really want to roll a shaman…)


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  1. @Nas

    I know! It’s crazy. I have been entirely too focused lately, I think. 😉 I played around on the character creation screen a bit last night, but then we dusted off our pally/shaman duo instead. Still tempting though…


    I’d been using that post from Pike they linked, but hadn’t seen some of the others. Thank you! 😀 I’d also been checking out some youtube videos of the fights. No favorites in particular, but I’ve generally found them to be helpful, particularly for the more complicated bosses.

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