A Poxic Milestone

We hit 40 at the end of our Pox session last night and then all went off to buy our mounts. Here’s me on my big gray kodo in Bloodhoof Village. Afterward, we met in Orgrimmar by the area where guilds are created. This is where we all met to sign the Pox Arcanum charter just a few months ago…

Yay! A very exciting moment. After, we chatted a bit about the project, the group, and how lucky we all felt that it had turned out as well as it had. We really enjoy playing together, and hopefully this is the first milestone of many for us. (You can find other posts and photos about last night from Daxe, Harisan, and Wara.)


We all wrote some reflections on the experiment recently (here were mine, with links to the others), and in talking about them, Sal brought up another really good point. He thinks another reason we are so successful is how well we prepare for each session. We are essentially approaching these low level five-man instances each week just like raiders might.

The planning of each session is done by group e-mail. It sometimes starts with a simple “so, what are we doing this week?” or “where are we meeting?” note, and by the end, we have a fully fleshed out plan for our three hour session. Nas and Sal put together some very well-researched posts, outlining what we want to accomplish and the optimal order for completing everything, right down to strategic setting of hearthstones for quick, mid-session location shifting. This sometimes leaves us with a bit of “homework,” a few things to be completed outside the group. It’s usually just setting hearthstones or arranging for the toon to be in a certain place to meet everyone else, but sometimes we also go pick up unsharable quests. If there are multiple ideas for how we might spend the session, folks list their preferences for what we do, and we chat about what might be best for the whole group in terms of the possible rewards and experience and where we are level-wise.

So, when the session begins, we are ready. We show up on time, people are usually already parked by a summoning stone by our start time. Sal passes out elixirs and Daxe enchants any new items we might have from the previous week’s run. Our bags are empty, we are repaired (um, usually), we all buff up, and we are ready to put a Pox on something. 🙂

While we do take the preparation seriously, there is plenty of fun and silliness while we play. Last night, we were doing a couple runs of SM Cathedral after finishing off RFD. After clearing an area, we were standing there waiting for Sal to grab an herb, when suddenly a mob showed up out of nowhere. We hadn’t noticed a patrol, so there was a lot of, “where the heck did that guy come from?” After the mob was dead, Daxe giggled in vent, “didn’t you guys notice the shadow word pain on him?” Daxe!!! 😀 Hehehe… Daxe has been doing this ever since he got shadow word pain. I remember him doing this way back when we were running through the Barrens for the first time. “Uh oh! A raptor is following me! Must be my perfume.” It is now one of the traditions of the Purple Pox. (Like collecting mutton chops.)

Anyway, a big thank you and a big hug to all of Pox Arcanum, particularly mah Purple peeps. You are awesome!! ❤


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