70 Again!

My frost mage hit 70 last night!  Wooo!

I had played her quite a bit the week before July 4th, taking advantage of all the xp from the flame honoring and desecrating during the Fire Festival.  I know I said I wasn’t planning on doing much of that stuff, but 12000 xp per desecration is nothing to sneeze at.  That plus a bunch of questing got her to level 69 before we left town, and given that almost all the xp she had after that would be rested, I was pretty sure she could have hit 70 before the weekend was out.

(Note: In all the desecrating that I did, I only got killed once by the Alliance. I knew it would happen eventually, and I was fairly certain it would be when I hit the flame by Goldshire. Instead, it happened at the next flame I hit at Sentinel Hill. I was still flagged from the Goldshire flame, but the hunter’s mark didn’t appear over my head until I was done with the Sentinel Hill desecration. That was certainly nice of them to let me get my xp before killing me.)

Anyway, I didn’t hit 70 that weekend because we traveled to visit family, and then ended up traveling unexpectedly again right after we got back.  We were gone for two weeks (family stuff), and finally got back last Friday.  I didn’t play her Saturday, but Sunday after lunch, I decided to make the final push…

She was about 30% into level 69 when I started.  I still had about 45 minutes left on the ribbon dance she did before logging out weeks before, so that was a nice little boost.  I was questing in Netherstorm, getting something like 1200 per kill.  Woo!  I took a break for our guild meeting (and then dinner + tv with the Mister), and then went back at it.  By 11pm or so, I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it.  I was about 90% of the way to 70, but I’d lost a bit of momentum, as I’d used up most of the easy quests in the area (Netherstorm).  I was tired and contemplated just going to bed and hitting 70 Monday night, but I was getting so close.  My xp addon told me I was less than 10 quest turn-ins away, so …

I wandered to Terrokar, an area I’d skipped, and started blasting away at the easy quests.  Many didn’t even show up as exclamation points for me, and the mobs were several levels below me so I was disposing of them in just a couple shots.  Within 30 minutes, I turned in the quest that put me over the top.  Yay! DING!  Probably could have hit 70 a lot sooner had I gone there earlier, but I was enjoying raking in the Consortium rep.

So, that’s my second 70!  Hurrah!  Technically, this mage is my “main” (in that it’s the name my guild calls me), though my hunter is much better geared thanks to those Kara runs.  Lately there’s been some talk of moving beyond Kara and working deeper into Zul’Aman, so I think I’ll probably continue to focus on developing my hunter for the moment in the interest of helping with that progression. My motivation to level my mage recently was max out her jewelcrafting, but I’ve also considered making her my main focus by the time Wrath comes out. We shall see.  Nice to have options in any case.  As I’ve also mentioned, my mage will be the one to get the epic flying mount since she’s a miner.  (Not quite as useful for my hunter, who is currently a skinner.)

I suppose my next goals will be gearing up these 70’s a bit and making some money for that epic flyer.  Probably means I should start doing some dailies, eh?  🙂


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