Brain Dump

– I’m still catching up on the two weeks of blog reading that I missed.  So… much… to read! *gasp*

– I’ve seen several WoW-playing couples post that they bought two authenticators from Blizzard.  Maybe you wanted two, but you really only needed one — you can use a single authenticator for multiple accounts!  Too late for those that already bought two and I know they’re cheap anyway, but I just thought I’d throw that out there for those with multiple accounts in their household that haven’t made the purchase yet.  (We’ll be buying one when they’re available again.)

– Very cool post here from Tipa at West Karana: Innovation in RPGs: An Illustrated History.

– A friend in the guild last night suggested I start bringing my newly minted 70 to the lower kara runs, while still bringing my hunter to the upper Kara runs.  I think in the interest of helping the guild progress, I will still continue to run my hunter with both, in part because she still needs badges and in part because they’re hoping for a 1:1 vet:noob ratio in the lower Kara runs.  Focus will get my hunter geared for ZA more quickly, too.  I wonder if that’s one of the reasons we’ve been in Kara so long.  There aren’t enough people focused on gearing one character… most people’s efforts are spread out among alts.  Because the primary goal of the guild isn’t raiding anyway, there’d never be a mandate to force people to focus, of course.  Maybe focus is the real difference between hardcore and casual.

– I never hope for drama in my own guild, but I’m anticipating some as we begin to work toward (and through) ZA.  At the heart of it, I’m afraid, will be the Dunning-Kruger effect.  Also, Kara sign-ups are currently first come, first serve, but to facilitate forward progress, the ZA sign-ups are going to be handled a bit differently.  Player class and skill will be considered, as well as preparedness and patience and other things that are a bit harder to measure, and they’ve said straight up that there will be some “cherry-picking” from the lot that signs up.  We’re sort of a nerdy old bunch, so anything that feels like a schoolyard pick could put a strain on the guild.  I’m hoping that everyone who wants to will ultimately be able to give the raid a shot, but I also hope that those who are clearly not ready will step back on their own and not sign up again until they are.  I will certainly do this, if I find myself unprepared.  Beyond that, we just have to hope that no feelings are hurt.  Fingers crossed.

– Despite all the talk of staying focused, I’ve been thinking about resurrecting the Year of the PuG.  Hmm…

– I didn’t enter my account for consideration for the WotLK beta, and have no plans to, but I’m greatly enjoying reading the impressions of it from folks that have already gotten in — check out Gloria’s Onward to Northrend article over at Girls Don’t Game.

– I picked up Portal recently, and so far it has not disappointed.  Great fun… I’m through the first 9 or 10 levels so far.  It’s been a long time since I’ve played a game that isn’t WoW, so it’s a little weird not to have a million options of what to do next.  It’s almost a relief!


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