Blog Trends (and a little more Brain Dumping)

I’m still catching up on blogs!  For a while there, the trend seemed to be reflections on why people were bored/quitting WoW/looking for new diversions.  Now, the trend seems to be recruiting bloggers to write guest posts.  This is happening in blogs that I’d mentally categorized as personal WoW blogs, too.

There are also a lot of posts about the beta.  I like reading folks’ first impressions as they head into the new content, but I’m skipping all the stuff about the class talent changes. It’s not because I’m avoiding spoilers (I see that some blogs are also stating they are Wrath spoiler-free zones), it’s just that all that stuff is subject to major revision before release, so I’ll look into it later after release is closer, possibly not until I’ve got the expansion installed.  I don’t have the energy/interest to invest in it now.

I was just checking out trends in my own blog’s readership, and noted that Nat linked me from one of her recent WoW Insider articles.  Thanks for the linkage, and hi to those that have wandered over from there! I’ll get back to writing more cohesive posts soon (promise), but a little more brain dumping first…


– I’m cooking up some documents for Pox Arcanum and a few of them are nearly done.  I’m hoping that if we can get more detailed guidelines (and a Mission Statement) posted, we won’t need much more in the way of administrative stuff with that guild (which is really not a traditional guild, so I wonder if I should stop calling it that).  I think the key will be clarifying the goal of the Pox– to offer a sandbox for static group play.  I think some people that joined in the months after Pox was first created missed this, and they’ve come in expecting to be able to do a lot of the stuff they do on their mains on other servers, things that don’t fall under the simple (and intentionally limited) category of “static group play.”  The point isn’t leveling or optimizing a character or building up a family of alts, and these goals/mindsets are difficult for some players to shake. In fact, you really don’t even need a guild set-up to do what we’re doing, so sometimes I wonder why I’m putting so much time into creating the documents.  I guess I enjoy doing that kind of thing, despite my lack of desire to run a guild.

– Does anyone know what happened to Apathy?

– In catching up on blog reading, I came across this interesting pair of posts, the first from Michael Zenke at MMOG Nation (among other places), which inspired additional thoughts from Syncaine at Hardcore CasualWherein I Learn Why They’re Called “Carebears” and Asshat or PvPer: Which will Warhammer Online have?.  Sounds like flagging up on a PvE server doesn’t exactly invite PvP as one might hope — it invites griefing.  On a PvP server, there can be retribution for behavior like that.  There can be retribution for other unsavory behavior on PvP servers, as well, like stealing kills, herbs, etc.  One’s reputation becomes much more critical, and I’m intrigued by the idea of playing in such an environment.  On average, I doubt there is less jerkiness or more honor amongst players on PvP servers compared to PvE servers, but at least you can exact your revenge.  Again, I don’t really need any more side projects, but … yes, I’m intrigued.  I do not think I’d be willing to go into it alone though.  Small static party would be fun.  Either that or I’d look for a guild first, and choose my server that way.  Maybe both.

– I just started using Control Freak, and I love it.  Dax also turned me onto Healbot, and it, too, rocks my socks.  I read Kestrel’s post about IHML today, and I’ll be downloading that soon.

Ok, I think my brain is empty now.  More cohesive posts coming soon!


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  1. Apathy had started to level a Horde toon on Drenden but then he stopped (along with everyone else in my guild except me) and I just assumed he went to play on Alliance side like all the others. He’s on Twitter so you could ask him yourself if you wanna.

    You should also know that the Green Pox team is dissolving. I don’t know if Kitzen and I will still be left or if it will die altogether.

  2. Way to totally jack credit for my updates to the Pox spreadsheets! 😉 Just kidding! You got them off the ground, I just spruced them up a tad.

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  4. I was expecting to click that link to Apathy and get a blog that hadn’t been updated in a while. Then I could be all, like “the thing is named apathy! duh!”

  5. @Game Dame

    Dammy sent me a note to let me know about the Green team. That is a bummer, though I hope if you guys still want to Pox, you can pull something together. Let me know if there’s anything I can do!


    Hee hee… I do love what you did with those! Really, I’ve been working on enhanced Getting Started instructions, a Mission Statement, and some guidelines/suggestions for dealing with a teammate dropping (ironically). I beefed up the FAQ a bit, too. I’ll be posting those soon! 🙂


    Ah!! Thanks so much. I’ll update my link and go see what he’s been up to.

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