The Path to Onyxia

About a month ago, one of my guildmates rallied the guild to key up for an Onyxia run.  Very few of us have done that encounter, and he thought it might be a fun change of pace.  It will also allow many people to participate (anyone who can get keyed, really, since there’s no way we’d fill up a 40-man), and offers a chance for those who haven’t hit 70 yet to try a bit of raiding.  Because we’ll have plenty of 70’s, we should be able to do it without a full group of 40.

I did one Zul’Gurub run (though we didn’t run the whole thing), but beyond that, my only raiding experience has been Karazhan.  I was interested in participating, but after being off for a couple weeks and knowing that the attunement quest chain is a bit long, I had pretty much decided to skip the run.  Then, last night I logged on to do some dailies with my mage, and heard that there were a couple of people just starting the attunement and thought, “oh, what the heck.”  Running some new content (I’d not been to LBRS or UBRS) sounded better than dailies.  So, I switched over to my hunter and away we went…

The beginning of the Onyxia attunement chain involves a quick stop in Kargath and then a trip into LBRS.  A 70 can just walk by most of the mobs in LBRS, which are upper 50’s elites.  There are a few that patrol right in your path, but the rogue that I went in with just sapped anyone in our way and we mostly sneaked by everything.  There were a few times where we accidently got aggro and had to kill stuff, and a few other times where we were killed (oops), but the whole process of sneaking to all the bosses we needed really didn’t take that long.  After that, we teamed up with a warlock, mage, and some others also doing the attunement.  The warlock summoned us and the mage portaled us to Orgrimmar.  Aww yeah.  That’s the way to travel!

After chatting up Thrall, we were sent to UBRS to kill another boss.  Since we had a bigger group this time, we just steamrolled everything in our path.  Good fun!  This all went very quickly since the others knew exactly where we were going (good thing someone did, because I didn’t!).  After this, we reported to Thrall again, then it was on to Desolace, Western Plaguelands, and then back to UBRS again.  This time, we had a collection quest where we had to gather dragon eyeballs to make a disguise to talk with a dragon later.  (Hee hee… this type of quest cracks me up.  I love the one in the early Draenei areas where you have to dress up like a tree to eavesdop on someone.)  There was a 100% drop rate and they dropped in pairs, but given that we all needed 20 eyeballs and there were 7 or 8 of us, it took a while.  We kept each other entertained in vent as we did this.

Once we all had our eyeballs, we went to Dustwallow Marsh to don our costumes and speak with the dragon Emberstrife.  I was second to arrive at the cave, and as I ran in, the warrior in our party who had just completed the quest was running down the corridor toward me in his dragon costume.  I hadn’t see the costume yet, so I was a bit confused… it had his name over the head, but … uh… Just instinctively I took a few steps back to exit the cave, and then realized it was him.  There was a lot of chuckling in vent after that when I admitted what had happened.  There was even more laughter when the warrior told us we need to be sure to have all three Test of Skulls (quests from Emberstrike) before we left.  When he said it, it really sounded like “testicles,” and being the only female there, I said I’d unfortunately fail that quest.  There were testicle jokes all evening after that. 😀

These new quests were to kill some big dragons, one in Swamp of Sorrows (Mr. Ess and I have been killed by that one before!), one in Tanaris by the Caverns of time, and one in Winterspring.  We decided to do the Winterspring one first, and the rogue had gone ahead there to meet us.  He happened to see a warlock there, and asked for help in summoning all of us.  The warlock happily did so and they were able to recruit another person to help summon, so it saved us all a long flight from Dustwallow to the north of Kalimdor.  Woo!  After killing Scryer, we portaled to Stonard where we quickly found and killed Somnus.  Finally, we portaled to Shattrath and talked with the woman in the World’s End Tavern who beamed us to the Caverns of time.  There are several big dragons guarding the Caverns, but the one that we needed, Chronalis, wasn’t there.  This was a little surprising. (Was someone else on our server doing the Onyxia attunement?  No way!).  We danced around for a while, killed one of the other dragons, and then finally Chronalis respawned.  We disposed of him quickly and then made our way back to Emberstrife to turn in our testicles.

Emberstrife gave us another dragonslaying quest, this time for Axtroz in Grim Batol in the Wetlands.  Our warrior had some water walking potions, so we decided the fastest way to get to the Wetlands from Dustwallow Marsh would be to walk across the water to Theramore and then grab the boat to Menethil Harbor.  When we got to the docks in Theramore, we kept our distance from the guards and mounted up so we could just ride onto the boat as soon as it arrived.  As we all mounted, we noted a low level Alliance guy sitting afk on the dock.  We rode our mounts up to him and did a fair amount of posturing, laughing about what a sight it would be to return from your bio break and be surrounded by level 70s of the opposite faction.  Of course none of us were flagged, so it’s not like we could (or would) do anything to him anyway, but in our best RP fashion, we grinned wickedly and pressed our space bars so that our mounts did their growling and rearing up.  The guy returned, stood, shouted something in all caps, and then ran off the side of the dock into the water and swam away.  It was hilarious.

After that, we caught the boat to Menethil, went to Grim Batol, killed the dragon, and then had to call it a night.  Our homework is to go back to Emberstrife in our costume one more time, he’ll send us to Desolace again, and then it’s back to UBRS where we’ll need to kill the final boss.  There are groups of folks doing this next UBRS part tonight, I think, and probably this weekend, as well.  And that should be it!  Not so bad, not so bad…

So, the attunement doesn’t take that long if you’re a group of level 70s, particularly if you have warlocks and mages to speed up your travel.  I’m really glad I went along on the attunement quests last night, and I have a feeling that the raid this Sunday is going to be a blast if last night’s questing was any indication.  Now I’d better read up on the fight tactics so I don’t get a 50 DKP minus (not safe for work). 😉


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