Tactics Schmactics

Time spent on Onyxia attunement quest chain: about 4 hours (maybe a little more)

Time spent in meeting spot before traveling to Onyxia’s lair: 45 minutes

Time spent taking the obligatory group photos outside the lair: 5 minutes.

Time spent explaining the Onyxia fight to the group, and getting ready for attempt #1: 10 minutes.

The Onyxia fight: Less than ten minutes.

We really overprepared.

We had 19 folks keyed for Onyxia that assembled in Bloodhoof Village before the raid.  Part of the reason for meeting here was that the whole thing was pitched as an RP event, and this was where the mandate to kill Onyxia was announced to us at a guild meeting.  We congregated by the bonfire and some fire resist gear bought in the AH was distributed.  There were also fire resist potions, fish that would give magic resistance, and stuff like that.  Some people even went to the trouble of crafting new fire resist gear (“I can make two more pieces for myself if someone gives me six primals and two pieces of crystal infused leather…”).  It did seem to go a little overboard, given the number of us that there were, and the fact that all of us were level 70.  Still, none of us had seen this encounter before and we were all pretty excited.  We just couldn’t help ourselves.

After everyone was ready, we traveled to Onyxia’s Lair via Orgrimmar, which was sort of the long way, but our flock of wyverns swooping over Durotar was an awesome sight.  When we arrived at the lair, we took a bunch of group photos, everyone took their final afk break, and in we went!

There were two pulls before Onyxia, and they posed no danger to us.  The mobs were dead before the folks at the back of the pack even got to them.  I don’t think I even managed to get my cat to the mobs before they died, they were downed that quickly!  Even so, filing in with 18 other people was really amazing… I can imagine how exciting this was for 40 level 60’s.

It was really cool walking down the corridor and seeing Onyxia sleeping in her lair.  We all stood there looking down at her for about ten minutes while the fight was explained to those who hadn’t read about it.  We had four groups, the evens going to the right, the odds going to the left, etc, and I tried not to laugh as the plans were described (thinking again about that Onyxia wipe video.  Hee…)  Strategies for the three phases were explained, and it was decided we’d save our resist potions and fish for the second or third attempt, in case we just wiped right away.

We ran down the path and the main tank grabbed aggro on Onyxia.  I waited a bit until he had her attention before I started shooting.  The whole fight was a chaotic mess of running around, dodging fire, getting knocked back into whelps (which we killed, no problem, so no DKP minuses), and before we knew it, we were in phase two.  The DPS ramped up, and as she flew around, I stopped to take screenshots.  I know in the end this impacted my DPS, but I just couldn’t help it!  The guy who coordinated the whole run was laughing in vent, “this is going so quickly!”  And then we got to phase three and poured it on.  In less than ten minutes total, Onyxia was dead.  Explaining the fight took longer than killing her.  Even looting her took longer, I think.

We decided that the guy who had rallied us all for the run in the first place should loot the head.  He came up with the idea, got enough interest to get a group together, helped bunches of people get attuned by escorting them where they needed to go in Blackrock Spire, and made sure we had some kind of strategy (that we didn’t particularly get to employ, but still!).  After all the loot was distributed (trophies!), we were portaled to Orgrimmar where we did a slow march to Thrall and then to the guy in the front of Orgrimmar who makes the announcement that Onyxia has been slain and puts the head on a post.  Awesome.

I realize that in the scheme of things, it’s not that impressive of an accomplishment for 19 decently geared 70’s to take down Onyxia.  I’ve seen videos of fewer  than 10 level 70’s killing her.  But, for our guild to get 19 people together was impressive given that we’ve had trouble these past few weeks filling Kara runs.  It was also a hell of a lot of fun.


8 responses

  1. It just goes to show that fun can still be had in “the old world”. Sounds like an all out awesome guild event. I love reading about stuff like this…a whole guild bans together to do something fun. Even down to getting them all keyed, distributing fire resist gear and the like. Not to mention, coordinating 19 people is sure to be harder than 1 group of lvl 70s. I can’t imagine the chaos of 40 people in there…and I used to raid MC! “Hey, someones elbow is in my eye! Pull her so I don’t suffocate!” (40 people standing in the hall before onyxia hehe)

    Awesome 🙂

  2. We go after Onyxia whenever we have time; we did it once with 4 people and had a shadow priest tank. Nothing special about our gear, either, it’s all T4 and badge gear.

    She’s a fun fight. 🙂

  3. Seeing new content is always exciting, especially Onyxia…there is just something about seeing a big dragon that never gets old. While she doesn’t pose much of a threat anymore, it’s always a blast to go back and experience things over, or even for the first time. Nefarion ranks right up there as well, and if you ever have the opportunity you should really try to see him in action, it is truly an epic encounter. I won’t ruin it, but seeing him show up in his true form is pretty breathtaking.

    I’ve killed Illidan and Archimonde countless times, but never got the feeling I had of seeing Onyxia and Nefarion for the first time.

  4. @One

    It was awesomely fun. I can’t wait for the next guild event like this. I was sad we didn’t have more level 60 folks join us, because there was room for plenty more in the raid. I wonder if they found the attunement too daunting. And yeah — 40 people in that hallway? That would be crazy!


    Fun idea! Looks like there are some BoE drops. These sell well, I take it?


    Hehe, I’ll have to mention all this to my guild. Shadow priest tank? They’ll love it! Might be a nice break from the pressures of heroics and raiding.


    Ooh, maybe Blackwing Lair should be next! (Looks like a much shorter attunement, too!) I think one of the coolest things about doing these old raids is that so many people can participate. That alone makes it feel very epic. It is also quite fun to overpower content, and see really big dragons! 😀

  5. Things like this is where I could really see the ‘achievements’ trophy board of WotLK take off.

    I would love to see “The Explorers Club” website with all of the guilds ranked like they do for raiding guilds.

    Some of the more casual guilds could then have the goal of exploring all the old-world content.

  6. What’s funny is, Cassie and I have been talking about how cool this very thing would be, getting folks attuned and having fun, and theng oing in to whomp poor old Onyxia.

    I know I ain’t been in there since pre-BC. It’d be a HOOT!
    Plus, I could go on Windshadow as kitty DPS, and Phinnigan could tank!

  7. @Pablo

    Yeah! I’d love to see something like that. It is such fun to see new content. The guild is now talking about getting a group together to venture to Zul’Gurub. That’s a nice one because we can all just waltz right in without any attunement.

    Also, I’d been meaning to reply on your comment a while back about Pox Arcanum. I loved your insight about how the static group set-up offers something very much like a traditional a pen and paper RPG party. You’re so right! Even if the group doesn’t roleplay, it develops a history of its own as it progresses through the content. You can watch your groupmates develop in their roles, see them before and after they train in the skills that are key to their classes, and while pugs offer plenty of funny stories, the static group offers the opportunity to reminisce with those that are part of it. (Remember the time someone fell over the edge and brought the whole instance on to everyone’s heads?) It is a wonderful way to experience the game. 🙂


    Hee! You guys should totally do it! With so many sneaky, stealthing 70’s to help out, it will probably be really quick to get everyone attuned. In chatting about it again with guild folks last night, we all agreed that the attunement runs were just as much fun as the Onyxia run itself, too. One of the highlights of my attunement run was my getting knocked off the ledge back into the room with all the eggs (the Leeroy Jenkins room), and happening to land right between sets of eggs (so none hatched). The mage in our group announced over vent in his most gallant voice, “I’ll save you!” and jumped down, running THROUGH all the eggs. You know, to save me. It was hilarious. Of course we weren’t in any danger because we were all 70’s, but still … so funny. Again, it’s not about accomplishing something big or impressive, it’s about doing something together. 🙂

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