Instant Happy

It’s been an odd week in WoW, but I think I’ll get back to writing about that next week. I have something different in mind for today.

A couple days ago in the car, Fleetwood Mac’s “Second Hand News” came on the radio. I love this song, and I can’t help but grin like a crazy person while I sing along. Instant happy.  I have some songs in this category ready to go on my iPod, but there’s something special about being surprised by a song like this on the radio, particularly if you haven’t heard it in a long while.  These are usually songs from my childhood, things my Mom really loved, or tunes that evoke a strong memory of a particularly happy time. I love it when that happens!

So here ya go… I’ll just post links here of some of my favorite “instant happies,” and they’ll be unnamed links so you can be surprised, too.   If you’ve got some happies share, too, please reply!  And to all:  No Rick Astley!  If you try it, I’ll sic the cat on you. 😉

Instant Happy

Instant Happy

Instant Happy

Instant Happy

Instant Happy (Ok, not often heard on the radio, especially by this artist, but don’t you love it?  I had this record when I was a little kid.  The original is here.)

And more, but I’ll stop at five (six if you count the Fleetwood Mac) and get this posted.

I could easily come up with a list of songs that bring me to tears (sometimes even with no beer involved), ones that make me ache with nostalgia, ones that make me laugh, and others that I absolutely cannot listen to on my iPod lest I burst into dance.  Maybe I’ll post these in the next couple Fridays.

Have a great weekend, folks!


9 responses

  1. Yay!! Thanks for all the happies, you guys. Great stuff. 😀

    (Also, Morane, that song is one of my instant happies, too! I hadn’t heard it in ages either! Thank you!!)

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