State of Flux

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster…

I had some great moments with my Horde guild, running a bunch of instances, including trading some dungeon run-throughs of low level alts with a few of the new folks in the guild.  I also saw the inside of Zul’Aman for the first time, as the team going after Nalorakk was short a few DPS.  I’m still not quite ready for prime time ZA runs (still need about ten more badges for the chest upgrade to get my stats a little closer to the desired minimums), but I’m getting there.

On the downside, the Purple Poxers are no more.  It’s a bummer.  I knew that it would end someday, I just never guessed it would end so soon.  We were just getting ready to do ZF and begin moving on to some content that some of us hadn’t seen often (or at all — ST, Strat, Scholo, and the often-skipped stuff). Oh well.  We had a lot of great times, and I’ve got a backlog of screenshots I’ll be going through soon to put together a final wrap-up post on the Purples in the next week or so.  I suppose that’s that.

Things are already looking up again this week, however.  We have family staying with us, so I’d assumed we weren’t going to be playing WoW at all, but my “joke” about putting WoW on extra computers so we could all play together (and get them addicted) was actually taken as a good idea!  (Bwahahah!) So, Monday night, that is exactly what we did.  We installed the game on the laptop they brought, set up one of our old computers, and then both of them set up trial accounts and made characters.  Hee!  The four of us ran around the Orc/Troll starting area for a few hours before bedtime, and it was a great time.  My sister made a hunter, her husband created a priest, and Mr. Ess and I rolled a mage and a rogue to run around with them.  We’re trying to do more following than leading, since it really is fun to just run around and explore when you first get in the game.  No rush.  We certainly don’t want them to miss anything.  It’s been great fun so far.

Last night, we left the starting area and ventured out into Durotar.  It’s been so fun hearing them say “Whoa!” as we arrive at a new place or giggle as I show them a new emote.  We picked up the quests around Razor Hill and Sen’jin, and at the end of the night, we made the jaunt up to Orgrimmar so they could see the big city.  Each time we arrived at a new place, I stood on the edge and watched them run in, sort of like little kids released at a park… they’d circle around, explore everything, click on everything, talk to the NPC’s, find the trainers, look through what the vendors are selling, and read through the quests as they pick them up.  It’s so fun!  It’s reminding me of the “wow” I felt when I first started playing.  There’s no hurry to level, we’re just enjoying the place.  I’m not sure if they’ll play past their trial accounts this week, but I’m hopeful.

So, that’s the news from Lake Wobegon.  Work stuff is also in a bit of a state of flux, but you don’t really read this blog to hear about RL, do you?  😉


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  1. No worries — I wouldn’t disband Pox Arcanum while there are still groups running and using the gbank and stuff. I honestly don’t know what all this means for my future with Pox Arcanum, but I don’t think I impact the way the other teams run anyhow, since they’re all sort of independent entities. 🙂

  2. RL is all fine and good. Nothing wrong with it mingling with the WoW blogs we all read and love. Not sure if you noticed yet or not, but Blizzard has the new “Recruitment” drive going. You get a free pet if they sign up for 2 months. You also get triple xp for them as they level with you. Check it out… it may work great for you.

  3. WoW is a nice escape from RL for me, so maybe it’s more that I want to keep it separate. I appreciate the support though. 🙂

    And yes, indeedy, I did hear about the recruitment drive. I don’t want to put pressure on them, but I’ll certainly look into it if they decide to to upgrade their accounts!

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