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I’ve noticed several folks attempting to make their blogs “spoiler free” zones for Wrath.  I don’t particularly care about spoilers, but a lot of the efforts to hide the spoilery info are effectively filtered out in my feed reader.  The top of the post will read “only click here if you don’t care about spoilers!” or something like that, and then there’s no link.  Instead, right underneath that statement is whatever was hidden behind the link in the actual post.  Heh.  I don’t know, maybe it’s my just my feed settings, but I think it’s sort of amusing.  I know folks are meaning well, so I thought I’d mention that it may not be totally working as intended.

The non-Wow MMO blogs have really lit up now that the Warhammer NDA has been lifted.  Some aspects of Warhammer do sound intriguing (public quests, particularly), but 1) if these are successful, I’m pretty sure we’ll see them in WoW in some form or another eventually and 2) I really don’t have time for a second game right now.  I’m so overwhelmed by things I want to accomplish before Wrath that I just don’t see myself investing any time in another MMO anytime soon.  This is mainly because I’ve started raiding a bit more, I think, and it truly does take a lot of my game time.  It’s forced me to focus on my main Horde toons, as well.  For a while there, I actually had my finger in several different pots, running toons with four (!) different guilds.  I haven’t been Alliance side in ages now (sorry Sidhe Devils!), haven’t logged into my warlock in many months (and don’t plan to anytime soon), and as I mentioned a while back, our Pox Arcanum team disbanded.  My playtime has collapsed back to one guild, and two (maybe three) toons at the moment.  Talk about focus.  So this is how people get things done!

And speaking of getting things done, posting here has slowed recently for various reasons, and it may slow even more in the coming weeks.  I’m still playing WoW quite a bit, obviously, but I’m going to be a bit busier at work during the day, which has been my prime blogging time.  I’m hopefully transitioning to a new job in the near future, meaning that my daytime blogging time could be reduced to nothing when that happens, but we shall see…


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