Changing Focus

First, a quick note about yesterday’s book list:  this doesn’t seem to be a real NEA list.  I found a National Education Association list of kids books, but didn’t see one for adults. It also seems that “The Big Read” program actually belongs to the other NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts.  Again, different list, and not quite 100 there.  🙂  The Game Dame and I thought this list was suspicious, anyhow, given the duplicates on there (is “Hamlet” not part of the Complete Works of Shakespeare, for example?), and the lack of links to an official list.  The only place I’ve been able to find this list is in folks’ blogs, so my guess is that somebody made it up.  Still fun, of course.  I did find some other published top 100’s though, if anyone wants more lists to play with.  Check out the Modern Library’s top 100 list and Time’s top 100, for example.  We also pondered coming up with our own top 100, since we seem to have such similar tastes and felt that there was some glaring omissions from the current list going around. 😉  [/mythbusting]  Now I return to WoW…

My plans in game are a-changin’.  Previously, my plan was to raid with my hunter until my mage was geared, and then focus on gearing her as Wrath hit, and essentially make her my new main focus.  In looking at gear to get my mage ready for Kara, I realized I made an error — she is not a tailor.  If I’d make her a tailor instead of a jewelcrafter, I’d be in much better shape right now.  Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but gearing her looks like an uphill battle that I’d rather not put energy into.  I’ve put enough work into leveling up my mage’s jewelcrafting that I’m unwilling to drop it, and it seems silly to drop mining since I bought her the epic flying mount.  So, I think she is going to be my farmer and money-maker, cut my gems, and stay on the back burner.  My hunter will be focus for raiding and gear improvement for now.

I’ve also started leveling my priest again.  She completed the Un’goro Crater stuff over the weekend, and is now killing creepy crawlies in Silithus.  She’s level 56, and once she gets to Outland, I’ll probably pick up the leveling pace a bit more by running her through instances.  Finding groups will be much easier as a holy priest than a hunter, no doubt!  As with every guild, too, we could use more healers.  My priest is a tailor, too, so she’ll be able to deck herself from head to toe in the Primal Mooncloth set as soon as she hits 70.  Hurrah!  If I still like healing when we arrive at Wrath, again, she could very well be my focus.

It’s not that I don’t like my hunter — I really do love playing her.  I just think that my opportunities for grouping will be greater as a healer.  It’s nice to have a backup that’s not just another DPS, too.  When we’re setting up groups now, I’m like, “ok, I can bring some DPS, or … some bigger DPS.”  Heh.  I suppose it could turn out that I hate raid healing, but I like it so far in the 5-mans.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to the holiday weekend here!  Yay!


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  1. Heh. You read my mind. I was actually just working on a post about the reading list.

    I struggle with the same conflict you do. My 70 shammie is elemental but it seems like I always get whispers of “Are you resto?” Still, I’m such a maverick solo player that I just can’t quite commit to the transition. I miss my crits!

  2. I was very suspicious of this list also. I think you hit the nail on the head. I looked at “The Big Read” of the National Endowment for the Arts and found no such list. The Big Read is a program for adults that encourages communities to form book discussion groups. There is a list of suggested titles, but it does not resemble this list.

    One other problem with this list is that it lists “The Bible.” It is almost as if a right-wing Christian formulated this list to test bloggers on Biblical knowledge. Hah. I have read “The Bible,” so are they referring to the King James Version or the New English Version or what? The various versions of “The Bible” are extremely different.

    Anyone knows no U.S. government entity of any sort is going to put a religious work in the middle of a list of “fiction.” What about the Koran? What about the (Jewish) Pentatuch (the first five books of “The Bible” in Hebrew)? What about the Sayings of Buddah? The Siddartha? And so on. The United States is based on freedom of religion and separation of church and state. I am sure of that.

    I have a BA in English. Even after taking 2 semesters on Shakespeare’s plays, I don’t think I have read the “Complete Works.” I missed the course on his sonnets and other poetry. Sorry.

    My 18 Shammie is Enhancement so far. I just love killing stuff quickly to level. I will change to Resto at 60 or so. Not enough healers in the world. I solo a lot.

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