To be expanded upon in future entries…

1.  I didn’t volunteer for the beta through my account, but a friend offered me a key, and when presented with the opportunity, I couldn’t resist!  So, I’m in the beta.

2.  My holy priest is about half way to level 64.   Woo!  She’s also slowly making the primal mooncloth she’ll need for her set when she hits 70.  She’s been to a few instances so far, but none of them with a fully level appropriate team.  Hopefully I’ll get to do that soon.

3.  I read that the authenticators were in stock again yesterday, so I rushed over to the Blizzard Store.  They are already out of stock again.  I guess Blizzard just doesn’t want my $6.50.

4.  I tanked an instance for the first time last night.  I was in a ZF group with my feral cat drood, and the tank had to leave.  I have no stamina gear or points in talents that would enhance my abilities in bear form (since this is my former Poxing druid), but I did my best, and I think it went pretty well.  Although it was mostly a guild run, I can see why (based on the one pug person that was there) that tanks don’t want to pug.

5.  Our guild ran three Kara teams this past week!  Three!!  There were two “noob” runs, plus one speed run. My hunter attended the speed run (awesomely fun) and my mage went on one of the noob runs (also fun, but a bit of a different tone).  Mm… badges.


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