Where’d she go?

Some folks stop blogging because they run out of things to say, but for me, it tends to be the opposite.  I have too much I want to write, I just can’t seem to get it all down.  Some of this has to do with time — I feel like I have a bit less of it to put toward blogging lately.  Some of it is just being overwhelmed by the amount I wish to write, however.  I start a post, realize it’s going to take me hours to compose and tweak it, and then I just decide to play around with Be.Imba or the latest batch of WWS numbers instead.  Meh…

This happened with my personal blog, too.  Something big would happen, I’d take a big trip or there would be a day I wanted to record every detail about, and then I’d never finish the write-up.  Time would pass, the subject would get stale (or I’d just get too overwhelmed), and I’d instead post a one-line summary of the idea in a lazy list post.  (You’ve seen a lot of these lately.)  I’m not sure how to break out of this, but I know that if I don’t, I’m probably done with this blog.

Another issue is that I play almost exclusively with my guild now.  In the past, much of my post fodder came from slumming with the puggers, spending quality time with the silly, the noobish, and the unintentionally funny.  While I could air some guildmate stories here, I’d rather not.  It’s not the point of my blog, and it doesn’t really seem fair either, since none of them (save just two or three) know about my blog.  I’m purposely anonymous here.  I don’t want to hurt feelings, call anybody out, nothing like that.  Generally, I like to keep my main WoW life and my WoW blogging life separate. Well, generally.

I have had fun playing with other bloggers.  In fact, since leaving Pox Arcanum (the subject of another potentially lengthy unwritten entry), I’ve found myself scoping out other WoW and non-WoW gaming communities to join.  I daydream about rolling on Silverhand to join the Leftovers.  I’ve pondered creating a toon on Earthen Ring to check out AIE, and see what gchat in a really busy guild looks like.  Open recruiting for CoW is closed, but I’ve even considered picking up Warhammer to see what this community is like.

Hm.  It’s as though I’m chasing after community as much as anything else in these games, and that’s, in essence why I started the blog as well.  Oh great… another post topic!  Sheesh!


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  1. Aww, c’mon! Guild stories — especially the good ones where you get made of — make awesome fodder. Guild members can be equally silly, noobish, and unintentionally funny and if I’m going to playfully ridicule someone on the Internet I’d rather it be a friend than a stranger! My guild is fully aware of the fact that I have a blog and they are aware that I write about them. In fact, I think that one gentleman has gone out of his way to give me fodder to write about, since he loves the recognition that he gets when I post his name! I know that I can always get a post out of his antics!

    That could be a post in and of itself: expound further on why you prefer not to post about your guild and why you don’t speak about it with them.

    Here’s hoping that you find what you’re looking for and that you return to the blog!

  2. That’s an easy answer! I avoid talking about the guild because we’re relatively drama free, and I’d like to keep it that way. If I have an issue with someone in the guild, I’ll just deal with it within the guild. If someone does something funny or noobish, I’ll have a chuckle, but I don’t want anyone to be embarrassed by my posting whatever it is for the world to see. Some, like your guildmate, might enjoy the notoriety, but I can imagine others not liking the idea at all, even if I’m not posting about them specifically. Just feels safer not to do it. I do write about the guild occasionally, but I try to stay very general.

    There’s also something very appealing to me about sort of having two WoW lives. If the drama llama rears its head in one, I can retreat to the other. I couldn’t do this if I had all my armory links posted. 🙂

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