Nerfing BC Raids

Looks like BC raids are getting nerfed soon.  See the blue post here.

I think the word ‘nerf’ is overused and I typically associate it with whining, but this time, it seems apt.  The raid bosses are being made spongy and having their pointy edges removed so that raiders are less likely to get hurt.  Wonder if they’ll shorten that Karazhan reset timer sometime soon, too, then.  (That would be nice!)


5 responses

  1. To be fair, a lot of the bosses in these raids were balanced around you having stacking raid buffs and potions every 2 min. Just -two- things that will be going away when the patch hits.

    It is possible that without this change they would have been far too hard to bother with.

  2. Yep, it’s a good point. I imagine that it will go past the balance point and make some of the encounters easier, as well. I’m not complaining — it means I’ll likely see more content as a consequence. I’m sure this is part of the idea, too. It will get players through more content before the expansion, just like the reduced xp for levels 60-70.

  3. And for those guilds that raid as a core goal, but maybe haven’t geared through all the T5-T6 content yet, it gives them something to work on while levelling. Reports are that the T5-T6 level gear will last easily through levels 77 or so. So if the content is just a little easier, it’d be a great way to gear up a bit. I may be wrong, but I haven’t heard anything indicating that there’s as much of a gear gap between WotLK and BC as there was between BC and vanilla.

  4. I would also point out that, at least for druids, itemization is being completely hosed in the 3.0.2 patch. Malorne Harness is losing 40% of it’s armor.
    And Prot and Ret pallies are running around in gear that is completely wrong for their new spec.
    And, they havne’t even completed all the changes that mages/locks/shamans are going through yet, but their DPS will be reduced for at least some time after 3.0.2.
    And don’t forget the complete and total change to healing.

    If they had left the bosses the way they were, noone would have been able to get them down.

  5. @Pablo

    That’s an interesting thought about the old content still serving to gear people up. I think you’re right about the gear gap, too — from what I’ve read, they’ve made it so that folks won’t be replacing their purples with greens right away this time. Some folks seem relieved by this, but others say they’re going to be disappointed if they’re still wearing the same gear in their mid-70’s. I guess they’ll never make everyone happy. 🙂


    Thanks for the comments. I’ve seen lots of folks refer to this as a retuning more than a nerfing, and by all indications, it seems to be so. I still suspect that balance will shift toward making these encounters easier, however, to give raiders motivation to keep raiding in this last month before Wrath and allow folks that have been banging their heads against the wall some success. We’ll see what happens though.

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