Shootin’ at the Walls of Heartache

Bang bang…

I rolled a warrior.

This is actually the third warrior I’ve tried.  So far, she’s at level 12, putting her further than either of the first two.  My very first character in WoW was a human warrior.  I chose the class because I assumed it would be closest to the barbarian in Diablo II, which was probably the simplest class to play.  I’d say it’s nearly the opposite in WoW — seems warriors are one of the tougher classes to get the hang of, and require a bit more finesse even in the early levels.  Anyway, I didn’t last long with her, mainly because I had trouble killing stuff.  The first problem was that I kept clicking on the attack icon, turning my autoattack on and off repeatedly (/blush), but even after I figured that out, I wasn’t quite clever enough to kill my enemies before they killed me.  I moved on to other classes and had much better luck.

Later, when I settled on my current Horde server, I tried another warrior.  I made it a little bit further with her (to level 10 or 11), but got tired of getting my butt kicked whenever I pulled more than one mob.  (I also hated Tirisfal Glades.) As soon as I made my hunter, the warrior was relegated to bank alt status, and that’s where she’s remained since, running a circuit between the bank, mailbox, and AH in Silvermoon.

So, why a warrior again?  Maybe it was having seen my husband’s warrior tanking in action.  Maybe I just wanted a new alt.  Probably some of both, but mainly the latter. My sister and her husband are both playing WoW these days, and they have a wide variety of low level characters that I could potentially group up with.  We started a little alt guild with them, too, since they decided they’d like to get a better foothold on the game mechanics before joining a larger, more experienced guild.  So, my little warrior is heading up that guild, and I’ll probably add my baby shaman to it, too.  Mm… alts.

(And, in case you didn’t get the title reference, here it is in its awesomely bad, cheesy glory: The Warrior.  I was a child of the 80’s.)


7 responses

  1. I can so relate to the toggling attack on and off, I did the same exact thing when I started! It should really be called “Auto-Attack,” that would make it more clear for newbs like us. =)

  2. One of the first things my friend who lured me into WoW taught me was that you don’t have to keep hitting ‘1’ to attack. Auto-attack would be a much better label! 😀

  3. If you plan on tanking, search through BBB’s site for his mouseover tanking macro. I just substituted “Sunder Armor” for the druid equivalent, and it worked like a charm. Especially when I married the macro to the “c” key.

    I was able to just mouseover a mob, hit “c”, and place a sunder on it all without changing targets. Made for much easier multi-mob tanking.


  4. @Nas and Wara

    For me, this was left over from Diablo II, where you clicked for all your white damage attacks. Lots of furious clicking during that game! This is one of the first things I tell folks, too, when they start playing WoW, hoping to save them the frustration that I felt. Glad to hear I wasn’t alone on that one… 🙂


    Cool — I’ll look for that. I was thinking about binding a mouse button such that I could use it to tab through mobs, but I am still a bit of a point and clicker. That macro might be much better for me. Thanks!!

  5. @Queklain

    Yay! You know, when I was playing my rogue the other night, I was sort of missing my warrior. I’d say that’s a good sign for actually sticking with this character, though we’ll see how I feel after I actually try to tank an instance.

    The DK mechanics are really cool. I do agree with your recent post, however — I have a feeling that enough people are going to roll them that are going to be terrible at playing them that they are going to get a reputation not unlike that of the huntard. Might get more tanking gigs as a warrior, initially, but in the end, the most important thing is to play what you enjoy, right? 🙂

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