70 x 3

My priest hit 70 yesterday.  Woo!  😀

She was level 68 going into the weekend and spent much of Saturday running instances, bringing her to 69. Sunday, I quested for much of the morning and got her nearly halfway to 70.  When our Kara run was canceled last night, I decided to sprint for 70 and started questing in Netherstorm.  Around 11pm or so, I killed a lynx in one of the ecodomes to ding 70.

I thought I’d likely hit 70 in the next week or so, but didn’t expect I’d manage it before the new patch.  Pretty sweet.  I’m hoping to run lots more instances with her in the coming weeks to gear her up a bit, though I’m not sure whether she’ll get into Kara or not.  We’ve been planning 2-3 teams per week, but have had some trouble with folks flaking out and not showing up.  It kind of sucks.  We’re a casual guild, we all expect that real life intervenes at times, but we’ve had some repeat offenders who play key roles.  Frustrating.

So, the state of the 70’s:

My hunter has most of the stuff she wanted from Kara, minus the T4 helm and a few other assorted things.  She’s two badges away from the Leggings of the Pursuit, which is the last big badge upgrade I’d planned on working toward.  (I did those badge dailies every day last week, but only managed to pick up two out of the four remaining I needed.)  I’ll still run Kara (or ZA) if we can get teams together, but she’ll pretty much be maxed since we don’t do 25-mans.  I’ll continue to spend time farming with her, but probably not much else.  (Well, I’m sure I’ll train a devilsaur, but other than that…)

My mage hasn’t been doing much of anything, though I plan to send her out for some ore farming this week.  I make pretty good money selling cut gems, but I don’t get around to it often.

I want to level my priest’s tailoring to 375 to finish that primal mooncloth set, and the jury is still out on the Whitemend set.  I’ll see what the stats look like after Tuesday and then decide whether I want to go to the trouble of farming the mats for it.  As I mentioned above, I’ll probably run as many instances with my priest as I can in the next month to get a good handle on healing before the expansion comes out.  I’m having a blast with it so far.  (I’ll follow up this post with more on my healing adventures from the weekend.)

Overall, I have to say that that last stretch from levels 63-70 is not bad at all, even under the current xp numbers.  52-56 is always a sweet spot for me because I like Un’goro Crater.  After that, 56-58 is a pain because Outland feels so close, but you can’t go there yet.  Hellfire Peninsula is tough because you’re replacing all your old world gear and the place is absolutely crawling with patrols.  I hate those crappy Orcs, not to mention the Fel Reavers that send me running like a bug.  It’s such a relief to finally get to Zangarmarsh!  Always feels like smooth sailing from that point on.

I have a couple little alts going (a warrior and a shaman, both below 20), plus a 40ish druid.  The druid might be my next leveling project, though I need to think about about how I want to spec her.

Moar seventehs!


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