Echoes of Dooooom

So, yesterday was patch day!  I wanted to leave work early to go home and get it downloaded, but it was a good thing I didn’t, because the realms came up a few hours later than expected.  I kept getting stuck on the “retrieving characters” step for my realm.  Then the realm would go offline for a while, come back, and it was back to retrieving characters.  After staring at that page a while, wishing the realm were online so I could play with all the new stuff, I remembered that vent was still ok.  Maybe there’d be someone in vent!

Over the next couple hours, our guild met in vent, chatted about our specs, our plans, which achievements we expected to have completed right away.  There was no small amount of kvetching either.  I often find myself defending Blizzard and in the conversation last night, it was no different.  I was sure they were doing their best to get everything back online.  With millions of people trying to log in at once, there were bound to be delays.  One of my frustrated guildmates said that Blizzard was a big rich company that had released patches before, and should have been more prepared for the server loads. One of my calmer guildmates replied, “When was the last time a computer did what you expected it to when you put a lot of pressure on it.”  Truth!!

I’d chosen a talent build for my priest, but hadn’t sorted something out for my hunter yet, so I used this time to come up with a build.  I read a bunch of BRK’s recent articles, plus some suggested builds in his forums, and ended up coming up with something slightly different than what was posted anywhere.  This was a bit of a surprise — I’m generally happy choosing a cookie cutter build and adapting my play to it.  For once, I went out on my own a bit.  Perhaps the biggest surprise was that I didn’t go right for the 51 point BM talent to get an exotic pet.  It does seem possible that the Devilsaurs will be king, but I’m sensing may be premature to pick one up now.  Some of those MM talents are going to be awesome for increased DPS.  I decided to go train a raptor instead; I’ll get a Devilsaur in Wrath when I’m later into my 70’s.

While we waited for our own realm to become available, we decided to check out some others and managed to find one that was up.  We made level 1 gnomes (with silly names) with the goal of assaulting Orgrimmar.  Heh.  There were loads of other people in the starting area, many in a guild called <My Realm is Still Down>.  We didn’t make it to Orgrimmar because we were distracted by a level 70 undead that had appeared in the starting area.  We all swarmed him and tried to take him down, and he periodically one shotted us.  It was fun.  My husband kept an eye on our realm and let us know when it was up.  When it came back online, we left our gnomes behind and scrambled to our main server to see all the new shinies.

Vent was very chatty for the next hour as people boasted about their completed achievements, reported on their new spell animations, dueled each other, and tried to rally everyone to run old world instances, heroics, and even Karazhan so that we could knock off some achievements and put our new specs to the test.  I had pretty much tuned everybody out because my addons were all broken such that I couldn’t even open up my damn bags.  I’d run as many updates as I could via WowMatrix, but some of the files couldn’t be retrieved, presumeably because a million other people were trying to do the same thing.   I manually downloaded Bagnon, Bartender 4, and other stuff, just trying to get my UI to a functional state.

My biggest frustrations were with Bartender 4.  I liked Bartender 3, but Bartender 4 seems to have complicated a few things.  I now have to type /bt every time I want to look at my options, because there wasn’t a Fu shortcut for FuBar.  Frustrating.  Some other folks in vent mentioned that they used Bongos, but that a new version wasn’t available yet.  They decided to try Bartender briefly, and informed me that I should abandon it, that it sucked in comparison.  I’m definitely willing to give it a try.  Of course I hated the big changes made to Auctioneer, but eventually got used to those, so maybe it would be the same with Bartender.  I guess I’ll see how things go over the next week or two.

The Talented addon wasn’t working either.  This meant spending talent points was stressful because I was locked into anything that I clicked on.  (Talented allows you to fully fill out the trees before committing to anything.) Anyway, I ended up putting 46ish points in BM and the rest in MM.  I went to Garadar and killed a few clefthoofs and whoaa… new animations.  Hehe.  I don’t know if I’m actually more powerful with this new spec or not (this is something I’ll need to test), but I certainly felt more powerful.

I stabled my kitty cat in Garadar.  Kind of sad.  She’s been my only pet since Stranglethorn and I’m so attached to her that I felt guilty even temporarily taming other pets to learn skills from them.  It does seem that cats are going to be a thing of the past if DPS is one’s emphasis, however, so I know I need to train something else.  As I mentioned above, I decided that the devilsaur would wait.  Instead, I headed to Blade’s Edge to find and train a Felsworn Daggermaw.  I was never much into raptors, but now that I’ve trained this one, I think he’s kind of cute.  Pointy, but cute.  Still need to think of a name for him.  I returned to Garadar to have him destroy some clefthoofs, and he does some awesome damage.  Good boy!

Before the server went down again, five of us steamrolled Wailing Caverns to try to get the achievement for that dungeon done.  Sadly, we killed stuff in the last event so fast that the final boss didn’t spawn.  Dammit!  Guess we’ll need to head back there.  As we were contemplating our next move (heroic Magister’s Terrace *gulp*), the server went down again.  I was standing in the Crossroads, wondering why the flightmaster wouldn’t talk to me.  I cursed my addons for a moment before I realized that we were all about to get the boot again.  We ended up making gnomes on another server again, and eventually, it got late enough that I just decided to head off to bed.

My fingers are crossed for greater server stability tonight.  I still have more toons to respec. 🙂


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