Assorted Blizzcon

The costume that won the contest was pretty impressive, but this group costume is my favorite that I’ve seen so far. (Photo from Leiandra at Zanderfin’s WoW “Casual” Raiding.)

Relmstein has a post rounding up the winners of the dance contest. Although the winner did a nice job, I felt like few of the contestants were true to the original dances. They were just dancing in the general styles of the characters. The Troll dance that took second place is nothing like the actual Troll dance, and I found that to be rather disappointing. (This guy from the previous Blizzcon was much closer.) Overall, I thought the dancers at WWI 2008 were better.

I didn’t hear anything about a sound-alike contest this year, but there was apparently a /silly joke-telling contest. Folks didn’t tell the jokes that are in the game, they just told general WoW jokes, and the winners sound like they were lame. (Not that I know any better ones — one-liners have to be pretty surprising/clever to make me laugh, I guess.) I heard that the best part of this event was the routine by Vork from The Guild. It is pretty amusing.

Anyway, I did find myself wishing I were there. I imagine it was amazingly cool to be immersed in all things Blizzard for a few days. I doubt I’ll make it to one of the conventions myself any time soon, but I have been checking out tour dates for Video Games Live. Some said that was one of the highlights of their Blizzcon experience.

I know some folks were underwhelmed by the announcement of the Wizard Class for Diablo III in the opening ceremonies and were hoping for something bigger (like the announcement of a Starcraft MMO, or maybe another completely new game). I watched the gameplay videos and the new class does look pretty cool. As for announcements, for me, I don’t think anything will top the initial announcement of Diablo III. It’s not even the DIII trailer — it’s hearing that song again! I played Diablo II so much that I eventually turned off the music because it started to get repetitive. And then, ten years later, to hear it again… ahh. Watching that announcement still overwhelms me.  Nostalgia!


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  1. Heh… you’re lucky. I actually got that shot on my way out on Saturday night. If one of the people in my group hadn’t had to use the bathroom, I probably would have missed them all together.

    And yes, Video Games Live was pretty freakin’ cool.

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