One Year Later

I started this blog almost exactly a year ago!  Sit down and have a slice of cake with me…

“Outland Bound”

I titled this blog with my goals at the time — to get to Outland and hopefully level a character to 70.  All three of the toons I mentioned in my first post not only made it to Outland, they are all 70 now.  Woo!

One funny thing that the blog title has brought is people looking for bondage stuff.  Undoubtedly, this is because of the word “bound,” abbreviations for Scarlet Monastery, and mentions of dungeons.  One of my post titles had the phrase “big girl” in it, referring to my first Outland dungeon, too, so … uh, yeah.


I started with a blogspot blog and had some pretty good traffic there after BRK linked me on a list with lots of other blogs.  I lost quite a bit of traffic in switching to wordpress, but got much of it back once again after the BRK pimped my Gnaked Gnome Race recap, which is still my most viewed post.

My second most viewed post there was linked from a WoW Insider article by Game Dame — lots of traffic from that!  The third most viewed was the post that initiated Pox Arcanum, and several of the others there are early Pox-related posts.

The ghostwolf post got extra viewing thanks to some link love from Mania, and I assume “Outlandish Weekend” gets hits because people are looking for the podcast.  The last one on the list there got so many views thanks to linkage from Matticus.

Although it didn’t result in attention to a particular post, one of the most exciting moments in the last year was hearing that I’d been chosen as blog of the week for Ep 26 of Shut Up, We’re Talking.  I’m such a fan of the podcast, it was surreal to hear them talk about my blog and say hello to me during the show, knowing that I’m a listener.

I currently average about 50-100 readers per day, depending on whether I have posted something new or not.  I’m very content with that.  I never meant for the blog to make a huge splash — I just hope the folks that stumble here enjoy it enough to stay and read more.

Woo!  Thanks to all of you for reading!

Northrend Bound?

I certainly will be.  I still have a lot of enthusiasm for the game and am looking forward to diving into the new content with my guild.  I don’t think I’ll change the name of the blog, however. 🙂


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  1. yes, happy blogiversary to you. I’ve been reading you since the first BRK linkage and check in at least once or twice a day during the workweek. I was outland bound when you started too, and have since made it there with three characters. Thanks for keeping up your blog, it helps fill my free time at work and never fails to put a smile on my face.

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