Kara: New Points of View

We had a fair number of people on the alternate list for last Sunday night’s ZA run.  There were at least six or seven of us, some with healing and tanking characters, which got the wheels turning…  The Friday night before, the “noob” Kara run managed a full clear of the place with fewer than ten players.  Despite protestations to the contrary, it sounded like Kara got nerfed big time, so we decided to cobble together our little brigade of alts, mostly in greens and blues, to see how far we could get there.  I offered my recently-turned-70 priest to the cause for off-healing, but the only other healer we had was a druid who said he wasn’t quite ready for main healing yet.  So, I agreed to give main healing a try since we probably wouldn’t go otherwise.


I’d never set foot in a heroic with my priest.  Her gear is only partially enchanted since I don’t have many of the faction recipes myself and I haven’t snagged another enchanter in the guild to help me yet.  She’s also missing gems.  I hoped that I wouldn’t be the weakest link, the limiting factor that forced us to call the raid.  I gathered my candles and fish sticks and entered Karazhan, almost as nervous as the first time I went there.

First pull, single mob.  I found a safe spot to stand, took a deep breath, and focused on my Healbot window.  It was as though the mob couldn’t even -hit- the tank — he took very little damage at all.  I popped a renew on him, just to feel like I was doing something.  Same with the subsequent pulls.  Hey, this is pretty easy. The other healer and I whispered back and forth a couple times about this.

We burned our way toward Attumen (I shackled with great ease thanks to the amazingly awesome Control Freak addon) and got him down with no problem.  Easy peasy.  On the stairs, the tank has some accidental pulls of AoE groups with other mobs.  We still destroyed everything.  The Moroes fight was a bit of a … well, something that starts with ‘cluster.’ 😉  We still one-shotted him.  Nerf. City.

We often skip Maiden on noob runs since she can be difficult with inexperienced groups, but we were doing so well, we decided to go for it.  One of the hunters accidentally pulled her when he walked into the room (oops), and the tank had some trouble positioning her after that, so we wiped.  With a successful tank pull on our second shot, we easily burned her down.  Onward!

For the Opera event, we often have a hunter strip down nekkid while everyone else goes out by the audience to wait.  The hunter then starts the event to find out what it is and feigns death.  This means that only one fight has to be explained to the new folks, only one strategy for who does what needs to be laid out.  This time, we just ran in and started the event.  Wizard of Oz!  This is one of the more complicated ones to explain, but even with no coordination ahead of time, we blew through it.  At this point, it was starting to feel too easy, but it was still fun because none of the gear was getting sharded.  I really love seeing people get upgrades. 🙂

We moved on to Curator.  I died twice in the room before Curator, a defining part of the priestly experience in Karazhan.  The Curator fight itself went very smoothly though.  We got him down in about 3 minutes, no deaths.  One of our paladin tanks came away with his tier 4 gloves, too!  Woo!

After that, we decided to head for Shade.  I was surprised we crunched Curator, but that’s a fairly straightforward fight if you’ve got the DPS.  Shade can be a bit of a mess if people don’t know what they’re doing, however, because there’s so much going on and standing in the wrong spot can get you killed. We one-shotted Shade, half of us still wearing our Outland clown outfits.  *blink blink*  Like I said, too easy.

By this time, it was getting a bit late and people were talking about being tired for work the next day if we stayed up much later.  We took a vote via ready-check to see if folks wanted to continue for Chess.  I suppose the thought of easy badges and more upgrades was a big enough lure that everyone agreed to go, and so we cleared our way there and did the event.  Mm… moar badges.

During the whole raid, only two pieces of loot had to be sharded.  Two!!  So many nice upgrades.  A hunter even picked up the Legacy axe.  And I loved healing.  It was nervewracking at first because I felt unprepared and undergeared, but it went really well.  Now I’m addicted.  I remember when my priest was still shadow, it was a treat to be able to DPS with her in an instance, and now I’m actually a bit bummed if someone asks me to bring a DPSer to a run instead, or DPS with my priest instead of heal (I’ve taken her into kill the Horseman a couple times when there’s been another healer there).  Maybe I’ve found my new main?  We’ll see…


2 responses

  1. Thats awesome…I had a similiar experience in Kara a few days ago. My hunter was wearing mostly greens, but we managed clears with no problems. We one shotted everything, except Shade and Curator. We even downed Nightbane. A lot of fun for someone who has never seen endgame

  2. I ran it last night with a group in 2hr 10min – not the fastest by a long shot, but a FULL clear in 2hrs is still awesome fun. Half of the loot was sharded, the rest being side grades or for off-specs. This group was in a bit more than blues and greens, but certainly not full t5-t6 either. it’s actually fun to run it now, lol.

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