No Love for Zombies

You guys are going to think I’m really cranky now. 😉

Last night, our static group met in the Crossroads at 8pm to go run Wailing Caverns.  We were standing in front of the inn, exchanging a few enchants and upgrades we’d found for each other, and doing our final repairing and bag clearing.  That’s when the zombies arrived on our server.

I think if I’d just been trick or treating, exploring, or messing around, I would have thought it was pretty cool.  We had no idea what the heck was going on, people were getting infected, transformed, flagged, fighting each other, infecting each other.  It was a bit crazy.  Some of us got infected and turned into zombies, too.

It was not fun, however.  We had a plan: we wanted to run WC.  We meet once a week specifically to hang out and play together and we have a set time slot for this.  Between turning into zombies, getting killed and not being able to rez, followed by massive server lag problems (I had to alt-F4 out of a hanging loading screen no fewer than five times before I got back in), we lost a full hour of our play time.  Because of this, we didn’t have enough time to finish WC.

I think my husband summed it up best.  World events that you can choose to participate in:  Very Cool.  World events that you’ve no control over that disrupt your game time: Very Annoying.

Last night’s problems left a sour taste in my mouth as far as this event goes.  I should think this event is interesting and cool, something dynamic in Azeroth to ring in the coming expansion and get me thinking about Arthas and the Scourge again.  Instead it just seems like another thing that will interfere with my plans.  To be fair, the server problems were the real reason we didn’t manage to get into WC when we wanted to.  Unfortunately, I associate the problems with those damn zombies now.


4 responses

  1. Yeah. I mean, I play on a PvE server because I’m a very focused person, and want to be able to just do my thing without outside interference. I don’t like something that pretty much auto-PvP’s you without your consent, which is what this is doing.

    Basically I’m just keeping the mindset that, between now and the expansion, there’s a good chance my plans will be thwarted by zombies. I’m expecting it around every turn. So hopefully when it does happen (which I’m sure it will) I won’t be as frustrated by it.

  2. Yeah, events like that which can be fun when you’re commitment free and looking for something to do, but when they screw up your plan, they suddenly move into the annoyance column.

    And any time lost on a WC run is bad. I think we took between 4-5 hours to finish the whole thing when we did that, which translates into getting to bed at 3am. Fine for the young, but older people need their sleep!

  3. I actually went looking for zombies and haven’t found them all day so I think it’s a matter of timing and place. One thing I know for sure: this event will get worse before the expansion. Just so you know.

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