I sat out of the Kara run on Monday night.  I was online in case they needed me, but kept quiet, and they had no problem filling the raid without me.  So, instead, I did some mindless ore farming around Outland to gather mats for a Stabilized Eternium Scope for my new shiny.  I blabbed in vent with a couple guild buddies for those few hours and managed to gather most of what I needed (and bought the rest in the AH).  Whew, a night off!

I had signed up for the ZA run Tuesday night, however, so it was back to raiding once again.  This was designated a “fun run,” akin to our Kara noob runs, and folks who’d never seen the place were encouraged to sign up, even if they were undergeared.  I signed my hunter up, but mentioned that I did have a 70 priest that could potentially off-heal if we were desperate.  She’d only been to Kara twice, but never all the way to Prince.  Much of her gear doesn’t have good gems or enchants yet, but with one or two other reasonably geared healers, I could help keep us afloat.  The raid leader signed me up as my priest.  When we arrived at the raid, the druid healer who was also along asked me to heal the tanks.  Hee hee… hoo boy…

I did surprisingly well, I thought, given both my gear and my inexperience with raid healing.  We cleared the first three (I think) bosses under the timer.  Akil’zon dropped the Executioner enchant and in an amazing stroke of luck, I won the roll against the other four enchanters on the run.  (My crappy random rolls are somewhat of a running joke in the guild.)  The Hex Lord dropped a nice healing hat, which was a major upgrade over the blue hood I was wearing.  We were operating under our standard loot council need-before-greed rules for gear, and since the other healer was wearing a nice purple, it went to me.

Hex Lord was a tough fight for the group, and I was beginning to feel the strain on my mana and my abilities somewhat.  I died and used the soulstone to get back into the battle and finish it out.  Zul’jin was, naturally, even tougher.  We smacked up against him something like 4 or 5 times, wiping each time either during or just after phase 3.  This was meant to be a fun run, but it got a bit less fun at this point because there seemed, suddenly, to be an expectation of clearing the place.  We’d come this far, after all.  I felt partly responsible for the wipes, since really, I didn’t have the gear to be in this place at all.  We also didn’t have much melee DPS, making that third stage of the Zul’jin fight where folks can’t use mana go longer than it should have.  I also died a lot.  My stamina sucks, so getting hit by roving whirlwinds (or anything, really) was problematic.  I got many battle rezzes during these attempts.  It was a little bit embarrassing.

We finally accepted that we were not going to finish this fight with the current group.  We either needed more melee DPS or more healing.  One of the warlocks on the run had a very well-geared priest he could swap in, and he (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to do so for one final attempt.  We downed him!  And Zul’jin dropped the Two-toed Sandals.  Of course these were a huge upgrade for me.  “Are you guys gonna hate me if I take these to upgrade a blue?”

“Nah, we already hate you for getting that enchant,” someone joked.  Heh…

These were also an upgrade for the priest that had swapped in.  Hm.  Someone else piped in, “we should just do Need before Greed, since Wrath is around the corner,” and told me to take them.  Hm…

“They’re all yours,” I said.  “Grats,” to the other priest.

“Wow, thanks!” he said.  I just couldn’t take them.  They wouldn’t have even dropped had he not swapped in.

After the raid broke up and we went our separate ways, I whispered the other priest and thanked him.  I mentioned that I just wasn’t geared/skilled for the place and he really saved the day.  I told him how few raids I’d healed, and he said, “Seriously?  I thought you did great!  I’d say you’re geared for all but the last two fights in there.”

“Thanks, I tried to hang in there.  Died too much though.”

“Thanks for letting me have those boots, by the way.  Those were the last upgrade for me in ZA!”

Wow! YAY!! 😀

I felt much better about the whole run after that.  I believe my priest will retire to the comforts of Karazhan for a while before heading back to ZA, however.


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