The Calm

Well, the blog has been calm and quiet, anyway.  Real life has been busy and I’ve been playing quite a bit, as well.  It’s hard to believe that we’re just days from Wrath.  I’m looking forward to it, but in a way, it feels a little bit soon to me.  I don’t suppose I could ask Blizz to wait until I feel I’m done with the content, considering the way I dawdled my way to 70. 😉  I know my guild is ready to move on.  I think I’m one of the few that still actually enjoys Karazhan.

The Highlights of In-Game Stuff

– We put together an impromptu ZA run one evening (how awesome is that, that we could casually throw together a 10-man?), and I took my priest.  It was the same healing pair as that last ZA run, and this time, we were able to heal through everything!  Woo!  Bit of redemption there.  My priest has also healed a couple of heroics now.  Whee!

– My hunter spent four days parked in Ironforge in the “secret” fishing spot, hoping to catch Old Ironjaw.  It is a rather sneaky spot (described in the wowhead comments), though I did overlap with a few other Horde fisherman while I was there.  I was only bothered by a couple hunters, but it wasn’t a big deal.  If they seemed to be getting too interested in me, I logged out and came back later.  After about 1200 casts, I finally gave up.  Oh well… at least I maxed my fishing skill.

– My hunter has been leveling her very own gorilladin.  It’s pretty fun.  I still miss my original cat, but taming the raptor has gotten me used to the idea of having multiple pets.  I’m considering taming a fourth pet for PvP, though I don’t do battlegrounds much, so I may save the slot for an exotic when I’m higher level.  Although I’m not too attached to the new pets, I know it would be a little tough to abandon them.

– Part of the reason I pulled my hunter out of Ironforge was that I’d offered her up for a Kara run Sunday night.  This was planned to the be final hurrah there, where we’d go in, mash up the place, doing our very damnedest to speed through and top the damage meters.  The raid leader said that if we had an AoE on cooldown, we should use it, and he even wanted to see the healers trying to top each other.  If we weren’t pulling aggro, we weren’t doing it right.  It was really fun for the tanks and DPS, but I can’t imagine what it was like to heal that run… heheh, nobody complained, but sheesh.  If you stopped to drink, loot, or had to take a bio, you were pretty much left behind.  Nobody wanted to leave their seat, lest they drop on the Damage Done chart.  We ended up clearing the entire place in just 81 minutes.  Fun!!  And my hunter picked up her Tier 4 helm — what a nice surprise!

– My little warrior is making her way toward level 20.  She tanked RFC with a little priest she knows, plus two little up-and-coming DPSers.  It was super-fun.  Tanking is a very different mindset than DPS or healing, and a nice change of pace.  I doubt she’ll ever be my main focus, but she’s a fun vacation alt for when I need a break from the chatter of the guild or the pressure of getting to 80.

Real Life Stuff

– I had a job interview.  Went ok, though I’m no longer 100% certain (or even 75% certain) that this is the job I want.  I may even turn them down if they offer it.

– I found another job listed that sounds even better.  It would put me into the realm of writing/editing, working at home as a freelancer, and what they’re calling for fits my skills and professional background perfectly.  Most of my free time at work has been put toward constructing this cover letter.  As you can imagine, I’m editing the living hell out of it before I send it.

– Our internet connection at home is borked.  We have wildly fluctuating upload and download speeds.  I can’t seem to bypass the router to see if that’s the problem (it never finds the connection), changing the ethernet cables makes no difference, and I can’t seem to predict based on what I’ve got going on on the internet whether it is about to speed up or slow down.  The cable guy is supposedly on his way, time frame closing in about half an hour.  *Peers out the window*  Stupid comcast.  Nice to have a day off, in any case, but whyyyy did it have to be on maintenance day? 🙂


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  1. @Eric

    Thanks! I’m wondering if it will bring me back to blogging roots, stories of leveling and horrifying/funny pugs.


    I went for the interview because I really thought I wanted the job. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t the thing for me until the interview itself.

    But yes, I may end up freelancing. I don’t have a formal writing degree, which has been the barrier in the past. (That and finding the energy to change careers, but that’s another story.) This particular job calls for writing and editing that I’ve done in the course of my current job (over the last 10+ years) and the academic degrees I do have are perfect for it. So I’m crossing my fingers! (Thanks for the link to your site, too!) 🙂

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