Weekend snapshots

Lotsa healing!

I’ve been leveling my priest and jumping at every opportunity to run a dungeon with her.  I always say yes to guild runs and I’m always in the LFG while questing, just in case something pops up.  As good pugs are finishing up, I ask folks to send me a tell if they ever need a healer.  I’ve been taken up on this quite often and have several tanks on my friend list now, too.  🙂  It’s additional incentive to ride this wave, leveling the same speed as the folks on my friend list.

I think my priest might be my new main.  Lots of other folks in the guild seem to be focusing on their healers, too, so it will be interesting to see what happens with raiding as we all hit 80.  Some of us may actually have to respec to DPS builds!

Farewell to the Fjord

My priest finished up the Howling Fjord quests.  What an amazing zone!  I was a little sad to leave it behind… I headed over to Dragonblight and did quite a few quests there, but got bogged down with some of the Venomspite ones.  They were just … icky.  I know we run through this game slaughtering animals and humanoids and looting their remains, stealing things, and blowing things up.  Torture is different though.  Killing prisoners that can’t defend themselves?  Ick.  There will be some that call it hypocrisy that people have issues with those specific quests and not the rest, but for me they evoked an icky feeling and that is that.  So, I decided to head to the Borean Tundra for a while instead.  I had run out of rested xp, so killing green mobs would speed up the leveling significantly, too.

Bore-an Tundra

Haha, just kidding.  Some of the quest have been really cool, actually.  I’m not a huge fan of the zone itself (perhaps because I always feel like I’m running around in circles in Warsong Hold), or at least I don’t love it the same way I did the Fjord.  I certainly haven’t found myself stopping to take screenshots of the horizon.  It’s not a terrible zone though.  I loved the KTR bit comparing the two zones as pasta dishes, but in the end, I agree with Zenke — they’re just different.  I would recommend the Fjord over the Tundra if someone asked where they should start, but ultimately, I’d suggest that people do both.  You’ll want the quest achievements anyway, right?


The baby bear pet that Blizz sent for the 4th anniversary of WoW is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in the game.  It seems they’re bind on account, but I went through and picked one up on every alt on my primary server anyway.  I even made a death knight and logged into it.  Fuzzy baby bear doesn’t go along with the badass image of a DK, but … cute!

I am slowly working on collecting pets on each toon for the achievements.  It bums me out a little that I’m compelled to do this because for the longest time, each of my toons had a particular pet that I’d chosen for them to go along with their character. I don’t like it that they all have all the pets now (aside from a few that are different — the Children’s Week reward pets, for example). I do limit which pet I pull out when I’m playing them, so there is some illusion of keeping each character unique,  but it’s not quite the same.


My priest is the furthest along, about 90% of the way to level 75.  My hunter is the only other toon I’ve taken to Northrend and she’s still hanging back at 71.5.  I pulled her out once this weekend to run an instance with the guild (group already had a healer), but that was it.  Initially, I thought I might level her a bit ahead of my priest so that she could scout out the quests.  (Being able to track mobs really does make it easier to get things done.)  I had also planned to just level on rested xp.  I gave up this idea on Saturday though.  I wanted to play my priest, so efficiency be damned, I’ve decided I’m just going to keep playing her.  I’m having a lot fun with her, and in the next couple weeks I’d much rather have one 80 than two 75’s.

We now have two 80’s in the guild, one is an officer and the other is an initiate that I don’t really know very well.  After that, we have a handful of 77’s, including a death knight!  That guy is also an initiate and he plays a lot.  Holy moly.  Anyway, I’m not sure if I’ll hit 80 by the end of the holiday weekend, but since we’re not traveling, it is a possibility.  I will potentially have a lot of play time, unless we decide to have a movie/tv marathon or something.

I was just looking at my blog entries from this time last year, recapping my progress over the long weekend.  I’d just gotten my new computer and was enjoying the boost in fps. My hunter had made it to 52, my mage hit 40 and got a mount, and my priest wasn’t too far behind.  Heh… makes me wonder where I’ll be in another year.  How many 80’s will I have?  If I’m still playing, that is.  (I suspect I will be, though one can never tell.)  Will the guild be raiding?  Might we have enough for 25-mans this time around?


2 responses

  1. If you think the polar bear is cute … I really, really hope you get to those quests for the murloc group in northern BT. There’s a quest that requires you to go across the little channel to the bad-murloc village and rescue baby murlocs from cages. And O-M-G, those baby murlocs are the CUTEST things ever! “Me go home?” they coo. “mrgl mrgl” they say in little baby voices. SO ADORABLE! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’re having fun :). The leveling to 80 has become a lot easier than it was in BC. Also the quests are more fun, which helps.

    Plenty of time left to play your hunter as well ;). Wotlk is only out for 3 weeks or so.

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