My priest hit 80 last night!  I logged in after dinner, did a few dailies, and then headed to Scholazar Basin for some questing.  Some guildmates invited me to run Halls of Lightning (woo!  what a cool place!), and after that we headed to the Old Kingdom to squish some bugs.  This put me at 97.5% toward 80… so close!  So, back to Scholazar I went…

I know some people hate the grind of the Nesingwary quests, but I confess, I actually like them.  So, I started killing 15 of this, 15 of that, collecting 5 meats from the giraffe thingies, all the while chatting away in vent with folks.  I somewhat absent-mindedly turned in one of the quests and -bwoosh!- leveled!  Hee!  I wasn’t quite expecting it so there wasn’t that lovely moment of anticipation right before the Big Ding where I set up my screenshot, etc, but still, it was very cool.

As far as I could tell in game, I was either the 9th or 10th level 80 in our guild.  People are talking about running heroics soon, which will be really fun to try.  I’ll be questing quite a bit with my priest, I imagine, with one eye on the LFG, as I want to continue making connections with other players on the server.  I’ll likely start leveling my hunter soon, too.  I leveled my priest first partly because I had a lot of momentum, having just hit 70 with her fairly recently, but also because I wanted to help contribute to the guild by having a toon available for a support role. Somewhat ironically,  I might not get a raid spot because of this, because so many others had the same idea.  I didn’t think everyone who said they were going to level a healer first would actually do it, but they pretty much did.  Of our 80’s, two are priests, one is a resto shaman, and we also have a tree druid that likely hit 80 after I logged off last night.  (We also have several in the upper 70’s that are healing types.)  The druid leveled as a boomkin though, and in chatting with him, he said he liked that well enough that he might stick with it if we had plenty of healers.  I suppose I could respec shadow for some of our raids, but frankly, my +hit kinda sucks with my current gear.  I think I’ll just level my hunter for pure DPS instead.

So… 80!  Yay!  Now it’s time to catch up on my professions a bit and beef up my bank account to better support my alts.


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  1. Ooh, there are some items you can get with +hit in them if you decide to respec to shadow – the new AoE, Mind Sear, is so much fun, and it’s really kind of OP (so you might want to enjoy it while it lasts .. plus, other casters will thank you.)

    The staff you get from completing the Amphitheater of Anguish in Zul’Drak has nice +hit. There’s a cape you can buy at Honored with Ebon Blade that has +hit (and is actually a really nice shadow priest cape, overall — just slap the Ebon Blade tabard on while you do your Heroics, you’ll get to Honored in no time). You can probably get a tailor to craft you a Hat of Wintery Doom — lots of +hit on that. There’s a sash you can get from Wyrmcrest Accord at Honored with a lot of +hit on it.

    And honestly? You only need the +hit for raids. You should be just fine in the Heroics, especially if the rest of your guild is nicely geared. I just dinged 80 myself, and I went with our guild ret pally and rogue (both also just dinged 80, so both also not well-geared) into our first Heroic with another newly-dinged 80 (the tree druid) and a semi-nicely geared tank (been to Naxx 10 and some Heroics already) — we did phenomenal.

    Plus, from what I’ve been reading, the hit rating is kind of whacked.

    But yeah, a good first start is that Silly Clobberknocker (or whatever) staff from Amphitheater of Anguish — I believe it’s +50 hit, which is plenty for lvl 80 instances and probably even for Heroics. Try out that Mind Sear – since you have so many healers in your guild, you may not WANT to switch back! 😀 Come to the dark side! It’s a lot of fun!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement and the suggestions! 🙂

    I did level my priest as shadow up until 50 or so, and while it was fun, I still mostly healed when I was running with groups. I’ll be much more inclined to develop a shadow set when we have dual specs for easier/cheaper switching back and forth. I’d really prefer to heal on this character, but if it comes down to it, I’ll switch it if means getting to raid more often. I’ll see how it all shakes out once we actually start raiding and how many people actually stick with their healers.

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