Now that I’ve hit 80, I’ve found it a bit easier to take time away from the game.  My husband and I have started watching movies again, spending entire evenings away from our computers.  (Crazy, right? 😉 )  Although there are quest lines that I want to do, my energy toward questing has diminished a bit, I confess, and when I’m in the game, I have found myself working toward achievements instead.  Or running dungeons…

My priest has run a few heroics now.  The first one I tried was Utgarde Keep, and while my mana pool dipped to uncomfortably low levels a few times, it really wasn’t too bad at all.  After that, we were feeling ballsy enough to give herioc Utgarde Pinnacle a try and it was (unsurprisingly) quite a bit tougher.  We did make it through to the gauntlet and got past it, but then something weird and buggy happened and the gauntlet reset when we got to the end of it. The rogue decided to go restart the event to see if, being on the other side of it, we could skip much of it.  We were almost immediately destroyed by the storm of mobs that ran out the door next to us.  Hehe… oh well.

Last night, we did a heroic Nexus run.  It was a fairly solid run, though not without wipes.  There was a boss hidden among the frozen mobs in that first hallway and we didn’t get the clerics with him down fast enough.  Mana pools were sucked dry and we just couldn’t outlast our enemies.  There were a couple times where we didn’t use enough CC, meaning that either the tank died because I was unable to heal him enough.  Sometimes other folks died when their CC broke or I died because I drew too much aggro on successive big heals.  There’s so much e-peen waggling out there about how the game is too easy, but these were suitably challenging for our little casual guild, that’s for sure.  I’m sure it will get easier once folks pick up some gear.  I need to work on my mana regen, srsly… but still, it’s all fun.  It’s interesting to see our guild already making the transition from leveling to raiding.  Tonight, they’ll hit 10-man Naxx for the first time.  I won’t be able to go because I have other plans on Wednesday nights, but I wish them luck. (Somewhat jealously, I admit, but I do wish them luck.)


And part of the reason for not writing much recently is that my RL is in transition, as well!  I’m finishing up everything with my old job, tying up all the loose ends that I can to make the cleanest break possible, and start the next job (and the next year) totally fresh.  My new job has technically started, though I haven’t gotten my first assignment yet.  (This is the writing/editing job I mentioned here.  I sent in my application materials and got an offer from them within a couple hours — woot!).  Once the new year kicks off, I’ll start looking for additional freelance work, as well.  Hey… anybody need some writing or editing done?  I am for hirez!  I rite gud and nede moneys to play wow lol!


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