Or maybe not back?


My previous job gave me loads of internet reading time, particularly toward the end of my stint there.  The job involved working on long term, slowly progressing projects, nesting work on each to give myself busy days.  On well-planned days, I had zero downtime, but as I lost interest in the job, I planned things less and less well.  When I decided to quit the job, I stopped starting new projects and in the last months, I was messing around on the internet almost full time.  Heaven, yes?  No, not really.  I actually started to get bored toward the end, and part of this was anxiousness to start the next thing, which I couldn’t really do until after the holidays.

I had no idea whether this new “job,” working at home as a freelance writer and editor, would leave me with more or less time for internet shenanigans.  I suspected things would be slow in the beginning, so I’d certainly keep blogging.  I also thought that trying not to play WoW during the days was going to take some serious will power. I’ve found it’s the opposite, however.  The days go by very quickly and I’m working all day on writing and editing stuff, preparing short proposals to bid for projects, producing samples for potential hirers, and looking for opportunities.  It doesn’t even occur to me to play games. You know that beautiful mental zone where you’re completely absorbed in something, so much so that you don’t notice time passing?  I’m in that zone all day now, though not with WoW or another hobby… I’m in that zone in my job.  I’d always hoped for this!

I know, it’s the beginning and the honeymoon may very well end.  I’m having a total blast though.  It does mean, however, that I’m finding very little time to blog.  I’ve not even managed to visit I Can Haz Cheezburger regularly.  Amazing.

I will try to put up a couple posts per week though.  I’m hopelessly behind on my feed reader though…



…and almost back in action.  I don’t have time to brew a complete post for a day or two, so in the meantime, a little summary list:

– The holidays kept me away from the game for a whooole weeeeek.  *twitch*

– Long car rides = new alts.  My husband and I have a new pair we’re leveling:  a hunter and a warlock.  (He’s the hunter, I’m the warlock.)  These are our completist achievement characters.  We’re running every quest in every zone and completing as many achievements as we can as we go along.  More on their progress soon!

– My priest has a couple pieces of badge gear now and has picked up a few other upgrades in heroics, so her mana regen situation has greatly improved.  Our little guild organized a 10-man assault on the Arachnid Quarter last Sunday night with me as main tank healer.  This was the first attempt at the dungeon since last December. (I wasn’t there for that one, but they said that the boss mopped the floor with them, so they decided to postpone a second run until folks had geared up a bit).   Anub gave us some trouble (shocker), but we did clear the place.  More details on that one later…

– My priest also snagged a spot in a 25-man Naxx run of the Construct Quarter last night with the guild I mentioned in my last post.  (It seems they’ve sort of adopted me.)  It was … interesting.  Quite a different experience than raiding with my own guild. I don’t think you really know a raiding team until you wipe with them for a few hours.  (We wiped all the way to Patchwerk and then were unable to take him down.)  It brings out some rather unsavory personality traits in some, and although most people were cool and tried to keep things light, the exasperated few were vocal.  The raid leader whispered me after and mentioned that this was not their regular raiding crew, too, and that some of the folks who were complaining weren’t part of the normal team.  Well, in any case, I didn’t take any of it to heart and I came away relieved that I actually do have a nice group of sane adults to raid with, even if we’re not doing 25-mans.  (Yet.)  I’m sure I’ll raid with these folks again, but it’s nice to know they’re not my only option.